BNS4 Pinout for RNS-E accessory retrofit

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    I've gotten the BNS out and all of the RNS-E functions are working well. As I'm lucky enough to have the SAT harness in the trunk with the SAT antennas already, I'll be buying a 'D' version Sirius model shortly which I expect to be Plug 'n Play (I think I'll just have to plug in & enable with VAGCOM).

    Once that is complete, I'll be focusing on integrating an OEM BT module and either a PhatNoise box or CD Changer. I'm starting to research the wiring for these accessories and could use a little help. It is my understanding that all of the wiring that I'll need for the BT module should already be present at the factory connectors that were attached to the BNS nav cd-drive that was installed in my trunk. I'm also curious if the wiring I'll need for a PhatNoise or CD-Changer is located here as well?

    Fortunately, the old BNS drive has a sticker on the top describing the pinouts (just like the RNSE does) although, it doesn't indicate which is pin 1. Here's what it has listed:

    Connector A (8pin)

    1: RFLS (Reverse)
    2: GALA (Speed)
    3: KL 15 (???)
    4: K-BUS (Kline??)
    5: No pin (unused)
    6: No pin (unused)
    7. GND (ground)
    8. U8+ (?? Unswitched 12VDC+??)

    Connector B (8pin)

    This connector doesn't actually exist, but it's listed on the BNS sticker and shows all 8 pins as 'IC' which means no connector.

    Connector C (20pin)

    1. D CAN_H (???)
    2. RB CAN_H (???)
    3. RB CAN w/ GND symbol (???)
    4. D CAN_L (???)
    5. RB CAN_L (???)
    6. D CAN w/ GND symbol (???)
    7. IC (no pin)
    8. IC (no pin)
    9. IC (no pin)
    10. IC (no pin)
    11. IC (no pin)
    12. IC (no pin)
    13. Mute Out (???)
    14. FAW+ (???)
    15. FAW- (???)
    16. Tel Mute (Telephone Mute)
    17. Tel+
    18. Tel w/ GND symbol (???)
    19. Tel-
    20. IC (no pin)

    Connector D (10pin)

    Similar to connector B, this harness doesn't exist in my car. All pins labeled as IC on sticker

    Any insight or clarification on the function/description of each wire would be extremely helpful. I'm pretty good at digging around and searching, but it's much easier I know what wiring I've got in place so I know what to look for.

    I'm pretty sure that all of the wiring I'll need for Bluetooth is already there (once I figure out the function of each wire), but not at all sure about PhatNoise/CD Changer.

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  3. VW Addict Member

    I think it's basically ISO, -right? -If so, these might help:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. 05allroad Member

    I believe that they are ISO connectors, however the pinouts are different from what you have posted.

    Here are the connectors that were attached to my BNS drive before removal:


    And here's a pic of the pinout label that was on top of the BNS (the pins on the lower left that aren't legible due to the flash are 13. Mute out, 15. FAW-, 16. TEL mute):

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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    UB+ is permanent 12V, gnd is above that pin in your picture. KL 15 is ignition switched power, K-Bus is K-line/diagnostics. D CAN should be Display CAN going to your instrument cluster which leaves RB CAN as infortainment CAN. CAN H should be orange lilac, CAN low is orange brown. If the colors are different then I would extend CAN form the radio and not use any of the existing CAN wires.
  5. 05allroad Member

    Thanks! This is exactly the type of clarification I'm looking for. So, what's the _H & _L following the CAN wires? High & Low?

    Also, any idea what the difference between FAW+/- and Tel +/- is? Also, Mute out & Tel mute?

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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    With a BNS, the tel interface is connected to the BNS and the BNS is connected to the head unit (managing audio for both). No idea why there is a gnd and - pin though (maybe shielding connected to gnd). _H and _L should be high and low.
  6. 05allroad Member

    Great info, thanks!

    This has me a little confused?

    Thanks again. I think I've got everything ID'd now - with the exception of FAW+/- , Tel +/- , Mute out & Tel mute.
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    mute out should be connected to nav mute on the radio, use that for tel mute, check the wire colors going to nav /-, if they match the faw +/- then that's your new tel +/-, check if tel gnd is 0 ohms to chassis gnd, if so then leave the tel shield connected to chassis ground
  7. 05allroad Member

    So Mute OUT transmits the mute command to the RNSE so it knows to mute the music so the phone conversation can be heard on the stereo? Are you saying that I need to (from my rear BNS connector) connect BOTH pin C13 (Mute out) AND C16 (Tel Mute) to D11 (TEL Module Mute) on the RNSE Quadlock?

    A little confused here. Where are the Nav +/- wires located so i can attempt to identify if they are the same as FAW +/-. Looking at the Sym II, RNSE & BNS pinouts, I don't see anything labeled NAV +/-

    Will connect a multimeter this evening to determine if the TEL GND is indeed a chassis ground.

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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    At the radio you should not have any tel wires, just nav wires. What they were doesn't matter once you remove the BNS, you just need 3 wires, one for mute and the other two (shielded) for tel audio. If you had the BNS with telephone module, then there should be tel wires going into the BNS and nav (FAW) coming out (going to the head unit). The RNS-E has no nav input (just tel) but the Symphony II had nav as well as tel inputs.
  8. 05allroad Member

    Gotcha. So I'm just making sure that the FAW+/- wires are also present in my SymII harness and from there are connected to my RNS-E TEL +/- which would mean that if I hooked something (BT module) up to them in the rear, that the signal would also be present at the back of the RNS-E.

    I guess my confusion is actually with the RNS-E pinout then. From what you've told me about the BNS simply passing along the TEL inputs, in THEORY, all of my wiring should be in place (assuming the RNS-E adapter harness is also wired correctly), just a matter of either tapping the right wires, or preferably, getting the mating connector with some repair pins to make a plug & play harness.

    It's starting to make a little bit of sense now!
  9. 05allroad Member

    Looks like I'm good here as well. Of the 6 CAN wires (pins 1-6) listed in the chart above, only two actually have pins present at the connector: RB CAN_H & RB CAN_L and they are orange/brown & orange/lilac as indicated.

    I'm going to make a list of all of the colors present at positions 13-20 and then compare those to my factory SymII connectors so I know exactly what I've got to work with.
  10. 05allroad Member

    I finally got this completely figured. I was reading what you were saying but it just wasn't sinking in. Per the label on my old Sym II, tracing some wires, and your advice I determined that FAW+/- & Mute Out were connected to Nav Line +/- and Nav. Con. on pins 5,6 & 7 of connector IV. Since the RNSE harness wants these in the proper Tel positions (1,3 & 4 of connector IV) I had to either move the pins on the factory plug, or on the RNS-E harness. Since I had already figured out how to remove the pins from the RNS-E harness, I just moved those from pins 1,3 & 4 to 5,6 & 7.

    I've ordered up all of the housings and repair wires that I'll need to make the harness.

    Please let me know if you see any errors or have suggestions for improvement.

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    Thanks AudiA4B6US.
  12. 05allroad Member

    And a picture of the installed module with the wiring attached:


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