Discussion in 'Audi Q3 / Q5 / Q7' started by fil2006, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. fil2006 Member

    Hi .
    Another problem.I replaced my faulty bluetooth ecu in q 7 .It was not comunication with this ecu ,and mmi system was faulty {no workd properly }
    I fited used ecu, working fin 1 problem only: adress book in mmi screen displeying code numers no displeying names.Do i need update bluetooth ecu?
    SW index 0120
    SW date 09 06 04
    HW number 4E0832335
    HW index H 10
    Can somebody help?
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  3. fil2006 Member

    Hi all.
    Today i updated succesfuly my bluetooh ecu [eu version] from sw 0120 to sw1130.
    Now address book is on in screen and working fine.Used disc 8T0906961.
  4. misak26 New Member

    Hi there,

    where did yo find the BT unit in your Q7? I have problems with my BT, and I need to replace it as well. I rad that it is under driver's seat or passenger's seat, or in the trunk, but cannot find it.
  5. fil2006 Member

    under passenger's seat , inside black box .U can refit used ,new cost 740 e ,
  6. fil2006 Member

    Yesterday i have mentioned next bluetooth ecu in audi A6 2007.
    Replaced broken ECU no: 4F1862335 HW 09
    4E0862335 HW 16
    I carried out update this ECU for 11 30 before fited to car {in the MMI system autside car}
    At shopping bluetooth ecu from second hand call attention at HW number.Don`t buy with lowest number from HW13

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