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Discussion in 'MMI' started by JimH, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. craigyb Active Member

    These are both Q7 parts and will display a Q7 when CAR is selected.
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  3. a6allroad Member

    Thanks craigyb.
    The part number on both items is 4E0 035 729 A. I thought that meant it would be ok for my a6 :-(

    You mentioned you can get me a unit with FBAS. Can you still do that for me?
  4. craigyb Active Member

    All the HW numbers are 4E0

    But the SW number is important

    4E0 = A8
    4L0 = Q7
    4F0 = A6

    I will look now how many A6 units I have and if I can spare one.
  5. craigyb Active Member

    Ok, I Have two units, I can spare one of them. I will PM you.
  6. emielvanham Member


    After reading all of the 17 pages in this topic i saw a few times that the bootlaoder "hangs" . I had this problem after updating to 5570, after the first CD the bootloader menu occurs spontaniously (???) i saw this only when hitting boatloader in the hidden menu.. Anyway.. CDC was off so no update possible.. after removing MOST from the CDC i was able to remove the CD and put in my "L" index CD (used a lot for converting us->eu) boatloader did found the cdc but after two "blocks" it crashed and reboots again and again and again.. After an few hours of puzzling i discovered an neat way to run boatloader fast and easy without problems!
    Just make an MOST loom directly from the CDC into the displayinterface!
    (all other MOST devices are bypassed now) Problem was the RadioBox that was annoying the MOST apperently.. He was passed away.. after replacement everything ok..

    With this info i've pulled out some old stock displayinterfaces that all hung in boatloader (thought could never use them again) put them in this car and within 5 minutes all alive! (who wants some!!)
  7. autoelektriker New Member


    Need aid or correct software in the Ubdate comes always deodorants error message: unvollstendige Met data for eprom ubdate

    Do hello can would ask me someone left to the donload for softwaer fur Hu 4E0035729 A H43 Senden ?
    Thank car electrician
  8. JimH Member

    I'll have a look for the software
  9. JimH Member

    Hi kobra, I have the file ''
    convert 'Japanese to English' Is this the correct file to send to autoelektriker?
    I have zipped the file... still 11MB
  10. autoelektriker New Member

    Hello if it German is for H43 and the language, and region EU solte it the correct its I think could send myself you it it please Jim
  11. JimH Member

    Hi... Yes, it will give German - but as I said, I tried to zip the file and send it to you but it was still too large - If you give me an address I will copy to disc and send to you?
  12. JimH Member

    Forgot to inform you that the CD was posted off to you on Monday (airmail). I hope it works for you
  13. kobra7 Member

    I tried to send a CD image to autoelektriker, but does not accept such a large attachment.
  14. rlarsen Member

    What about using RapidShare??
  15. JimH Member

    Hi kobra, Yes, I had the same problem. I burned the file to a DVD so hopefully he should have no problems - it worked fine for me - if not he can copy to CD?
  16. JimH Member

    Hi rlarsen, I saw this mail too late - DVD was already posted - he should have it by now - it will work if his system is the same as mine? kobra had many languages available on the file, including German - when I first rebooted it came up in German.
  17. autoelektriker New Member

    Did thanks Jim today arrive the cd (DVD) with me however without data? you can high load me vileicht it on Rapideshare thank
  18. JimH Member

    Link removed by moderator- hope this is right = 10 downloads?

    This is the web page - I'm not very good at this so can someone check that I've done it right before I close the web page - Link removed by moderator


    Note from moderator - we keep posting that links to downloads of Audi software will be deleted. Please do NOT post them...
  19. JimH Member

    Sorry... I didn't realise :oops:
  20. autoelektriker New Member

    Once again thanks at Jim and kobra hatt of all Pefekt funktionirt would have now an EU inteface !!!!!!!!
    I am happy
  21. mirt New Member

    MMI with FBAS from A8 to AUDI A5

    Hi, can somebody help. I am traying to instal MMI from A8 on my A5, the problem is that i can't update the MMI from A8 on my car . MMI box is looking for CD player to update but can't find....My car is equiped with cd(mp3) changer. Some advise how can update the MMI](*,)](*,)](*,)

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