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Discussion in 'MMI' started by JimH, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. a4ss4abt Active Member

    What did you do exactly?
    You have replaced the original Interfacebox with an A8 one with F-Bas and inserted the update cd on the slot 1 of Cd changer after ejecting all the others disks? Did you coded the new 07 HU with your car specs?Did you properly connect the Most ?What MMI version is installed on A8 unit?
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  3. bojanv New Member

    I am from Europe and have Japanese radio K-box. How can I make it receive radio stations, because now it only receives one? Can I do some upgrade of this component, I think it's from 2006? Or do I have to change it with european? My HU is H43 and has version 5140, K box has an older software.
  4. rrebel New Member

    Guys i know this is an old topic but I just bought a Japanese A4 2009

    It seems like it has a Mmi 2g. I'm trying to get the radio tuner working an converting to the Dutch language would be nice.

    What I tried so far is I changed the region using vagcom In a couple modules and downloaded the 3 update CDs 5570. When I tried the update it gave a region error.

    I forced the update thru the hidden menu (no region check).

    It started the update but gave an error, 129 I think.
    Now my radio doesn't work at all anymore.

    I'm about to buy an Eu version of the k box. Is that the way to go? Or are there other software options?

  5. rrebel New Member

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