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Discussion in 'MMI' started by JimH, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. JimH Member

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie to the forum and could do with a little help - I have a A6 2.8 FSI 2008 quattro.
    My problem is that the car was destined for Japan but ended up here in the UK (direct from Germany). Most of the Becker Automotive System is in Japanese - the radio frequency band is too narrow and only a couple of stations can be found - The sat nav is obviously U/S here in the UK (Japanese language)... etc., etc., :cry:
    Can any of you experienced members or Tech's tell me what I have to get/buy/install to put the system right? :D

    Many thanks
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  3. a4ss4abt Active Member

    So you have an A6 with japanese MMI.:-k Not so easy to convert:oops::oops:
    AFAIK you should try to change region in your 07 Controller from JAPAN to EU with the Bootloader Sequence using the Hidden Menu SETUP+CAR but I really don't know if all the other modules can work only recoding them.
    VCDS is mandatory and the right knowledge too so if you are a newbie you have to read a lot here or better to ask the help of a professionel in your country.
  4. mlk New Member

    Japanese MMI has some really significant differences in the trunk rack area at least. For example, I believe the navigation module uses some kind of video output instead of just MOST to communicate with the head unit... and there are all sorts of differences if the car has TV etc. (I believe in Japan MMI 2G already had TV pay/access card slots etc.)

    May I suggest obtaining the Audi A6 repair manuals (the official German ones), the differences are described there in detail:

    Notes on Audi repair manuals - How to find/access them
  5. craigyb Active Member

    I would do two things, replace the Nav unit with an EU one and flash the MMI controller with EU firmware.
  6. JimH Member

    Many thanks to all.

    I'm definately a newbie at this, so I hope you'll all be extremely patient with my lack of knowledge on the subject.:oops:
    I list here what I have found to date:
    I am now in the process of getting the audi manuals.
    It does use DVD for the satnav but it is NTSC and I need to convert this to Pal. I have the european nav discs, but they obviously won't work until the DVD is converted or changed out.
    I have sourced a couple of K-Boxes in Europe, but until I get the circuit diagrams for my car I can't buy them - I need to know that there haven't been changes to the connector fittings & wiring - I don't know yet if my car uses fibre optics yet... I will check that out this week.
    The MMI is a real concern as I believe these cars are only launched in Japan last year and are only just coming onto other markets now?
    Can one of you guide me to the 'idiots' guide for the codes and how to access them?:oops:
    I'll be taking it in very,very slow stages - hopefully with your guidance I'll manage to do this.
  7. JimH Member


    I had time today to remove the units in the boot area of my Avant.

    These are the Part numbers of all the Backer system:

    MMI Unit:
    4FO 910 731 Q
    4EO 035 729 A

    TV Unit:
    4EO 910 146 F
    4EO 919 146 C

    K-BOX Unit (Marked JP): Japan
    4EO 910 541 N
    4FO 035 541 K

    DVD Nav Unit:
    4EO 910 887 H
    4EO 919 887 B

    BOSE Unit:
    4FO 910 223 J
    4FO 035 223 C

    I think the the letters refer to the country?

    My video for reversing works fine, along with the automatic seat memory and all the other gadgets excluding satnav - so no need for changes there at the minute - but reading about the problems many of you are having when overwriting the MMI I think it's best to leave it to last.

    My K-Box radio band frequancy is for Japan and far too narrow for me here in the UK, so I'll definately need a new Box... I'm going to concentrate on that first because I don't think changing it out for a european one will cause any problems... unless one of you know different?

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    The suffix letters on modules refer to versions of the basic unit and can relate to country, version, functionality, etc.

    The only letters that relate directly to country are the JP on the K-BOX.
  8. darek70 Member

    And the navigation unit.
    So you have to change radio tuner and navigation unit, change software in MMI unit, remove LVDS box and conect LCD display directly to MMI unit.
  9. mlk New Member

    Yeah, because in Japan the MMI has the exotic setup that navigation passes its image to the MMI display directly via LVDS (think of it kind of like how Euro TV module passes its image and teletext menus to the screen via composite video, only the navi in Japan actually bypasses the headunit completely for higher quality display output than would be possible with just composite video). Euro/U.S. navigation box uses MOST/head unit for display, i.e. the MMI draws the graphics (not the navi box), and is completely different in this regard.

    The TV setup for Japan is different too, because it supports some kind of access cards etc. I believe. Although I don't know if it is compatible with European TV stations?
  10. ajax Member

    Hi JimH

    I think I have a spare K-Box lying around somewhere. It's from A8 and came with my SDS. If it happens to be any use to you I can just send it to you, you pay the postage ;-).

    The part no. is 4E0 035 541.

    Not sure if A8 and A6 K-Boxes are the same, though....

  11. JimH Member

    Thanks again everyone - it looks as though I have my work cut out for me:lol:
    I'll update as I go along.
  12. NICK LEEDS Member

    Hi Jim just a quickie the bits you might need are on ebay a guy is selling everything except the nav computer (i bought that for the father in law) it all came out of a 57 plate car so it might do for yours hope it helps you cheers
  13. JimH Member

    Many thanks Nick :D
    I hadn't noticed that seller - there is another couple of sellers with the right equipment (eastern europe), which I'm haggling with, but the Uk auction is up first so I'll have a go on some of his items... pity he hasn't got everything I need, but I have to start somewhere.

  14. Issac Hunt New Member

    Is it not you thats selling the bits on Ebay? The guys username on Ebay has 'Nick' in it and the location is listed as Leeds?!
  15. JimH Member

    I wondered about that too Issac? :? So I've put in a low bid. I've asked Nick to mail me???? Could be just a coincidence though????

  16. JimH Member

    Hello all... I apologise if this should be in the vagcom threads... I purchased vagcom hex-usb+can a couple of days ago. I've managed to change quite a bit of my instrumentation from Japanese to English... also kilometres to Mph. TV now PAL uk... works fine. Radio, English now but still have to sort out the waveband... I'll be looking into that tomorrow.
    I'm still finding my way around but I can see the advantages of having vagcom. :D
    I am struggling a little bit with the Sat nav tough: -(

    Address 37: Navigation
    Protocol: CAN
    Part No: 4E0 910 887 H
    Component: MNS JP H04 0570
    Shop #: WSC 02145

    I changed this over to english but it's still in Japanese. ](*,)
    I read in Wiki that I might have to reboot my MMI before some changes can take effect... adaptions - channel 111 change unit from 0 to 1 and save to reboot MMI... has anybody done this... does it cause any problems? :-k

    I have run a scan and save the logs - also save original codes before I altered them.:D
    Appreciate any help
  17. craigyb Active Member

    No a reboot doesn't lose anything.
  18. JimH Member

    Thanks Craigyb... I'll do it tomorrow :D but I still don't expect the MMI screen to change until the language is overwritten in the MMI unit? I'll have to wait and see.
  19. JimH Member

    Will this work???

    Hello everyone...I've been told that this DVD (ebay 250399528067) will overwrite my MMI Japanese language, to English... can anyone reading this post please Help... it's a fair bit of cash... and I have no idea if it will work or not?
    Will my Sat Nav DVD be able to read it?
    How can it overwrite the MMI unit without accessing it through the CD player?

  20. craigyb Active Member

    I couldn't say it would or would not, but my gut feeling is it will not.

    Why don't you download the 2009 MMI torrent for free, burn it to a DVD to test it. It's easily done with Nero and 4.7GB disk. If this doesn't overrwrite the firmware then a 2008 disk will not either.

    Either way you will end up with a disk that you need for when you have to swap out the Nav unit.

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