B6 s4 starting issues, starter motor?

Discussion in 'B6 platform' started by James Dirkin, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. James Dirkin Member

    Ok it's completely random, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.... It's normally after 24h of not using the car.

    Key in the ignition, turn to on, dash and radio etc powers on, turn the key to start and nothing, literally nothing, doesn't turn, nothing clicks, nothing happens.

    Sometimes turning off and back on will let it turn over, other times it takes a few tries.

    I have replaced the ignition switch thinking it was that, but no difference. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't its completely random and I can't work out why?! The second it's started, I can turn it off and try again and it works straight away no issues and won't play up again unles I leave the car for over 24hs and sometimes it will go weeks without issues....

    Sorry if I'm being vague.

    Starter does start the engine straight away no extra turning over or laboured turning over? I have done vag com fault tests and only thing that comes up is engine mount resistor out of range.

    Could it be an imobaliser issue?

    At other ideas?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Sticking starter motor?
  3. James Dirkin Member

    It's not sticking any other time which is weird, it's genuinely like the imobaliser doesn't turn off? All the accessories turn on, well rnse turns on as does dash and headlights etc...

    But when you turn to start nothing else happens, everything stays on dis turns off but that's it. No click or clonk as I would expect to hear with the solenoid kicking in? It's like the power to the starter is dead.

    Sometimes holding the key to the start point after 1-2 seconds all of a sudden it turns over and engine starts instantly, sometimes turning the ignition off then back on it will turn over straight away, today it took 3-4 off then on's to get it started.

    Instantly once started I turned it off, took keys out, put it back in and instant starting as you would expect, drove for a few miles to an appointment, locked up, returned 30 min later, straight in and instant start!

    When its happened in the past it never has an issue at all once its started the first time I have no issues starting again and it can go weeks without it happening again!
  4. Doug Kelly New Member

    If it's manual - you need to step on the clutch. Is it possible the switch associated with the clutch is going bad? Any info in the information panel when you do this?
  5. James Dirkin Member

    I don't have to step on the clutch to start... Never have.... I thought it might be the clutch switch but as I said I don't need to step on the clutch and also don't have any issues with revs holding when changing gear? I thought the stand on the clutch thing might be a b7 thing not a b6???
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

  6. James Dirkin Member

    Ok looks like I need a new starter then lol! Thanks guys

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