B6 A4 Multi Function steering wheel (MFSW) upgrade.. Help, I searched

Discussion in 'B6 platform' started by silverslc, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. silverslc New Member

    Sorry guys. Searching for at least an hour I really havnt found a clear answer. Wow 90% of MFSW topics are relating to B6 to B7 conversions. Anyway Im sorry if I missed a thread that explains what Im in need of. I found one thread where a guy said he would post the part numbers and as a slowly scrolled down...Doh! He never posted..Thread ended! ](*,)

    Ok so I have a 2004 B6 Avant with RNS-E installed. I currently have in my possesion a 4 spoke, 6 button steering wheel with airbag.

    It came with...

    1. Airbag (with NO airbag wiring connector( can I use the origianal one already on the car?? Both are single stage?)

    2. the control modual inside the steering wheel itself

    3. the small wiring harness that connects to the buttons then to the inner steering wheel modual.

    and thats it.

    I have cruise control already on the car...I own a VAG too.

    So all I need is ONE part and am I good to go?

    The ring modual. right?? [-o<

    I just need the right part number. I found to theads but numbers conflict. :cry:

    Thanks in advance!!!!

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  3. silverslc New Member

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    I've moved this thread to the B6 Forum - where it's more likely to get answered.

    AFAIK since you have cruise the SCSM should accept the MFSW coding so you'll just need a new slip ring, but I don't know the part number.If you post the 2 part numbers you've found maybe someone with ETRKA could check them for you?

    Since you're fitting a single stage airbag wheel to a car with a single stage airbag system there's no problem there.
  4. Giannis20vt New Member

    i am looking to install a MFSW b6 to my b6 that came without MFSW. I notice that there are 2 different types of MFSW with differences aty the button. In order to have the PTT button for my RNS-E what type of MFSW i should buy ?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Can you post pictures of the 2 MFSW types you are referring to?
  5. Giannis20vt New Member



    the 2nd one has the buttons for the phone and PTT.

    Is the 1rst one suitable for the SDS ?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    SDS needs a PTT button - which the first one doesn't appear to have.
  6. Cockney Boy Member

    The second one is for Auto Transmission cars ( such as the S and RS6)

    If your car is manual these will be made redundant (Stating the obvious i know)

    The first one as Dave has said may not support SDS, but i have never seen MFSW buttons like that before. Perhaps they are for SDS but dont have the legend for it, either way its a button so could be modified.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    It's not that simple.

    The MFSW version is detected by the resistance that is measured when no buttons are pressed, the resistance is also checked whenever a button is pressed.

    If it's not a PTT button then if you code the SCSM for an MFSW with PTT then the SCSM will report a fault code.

    So if the MFSW doesn't have a PTT button then you'll have to change ALL the resistors on the MFSW to be the same values as one that does have a PTT button.
  7. Giannis20vt New Member

    So is it possible for someone to make that change to the resistors with the right ones and how knows where are the right resistors ?

    i found that steering wheel from the ebay
    Is this steering wheel suitable for my car ?
    I think it is for an A4 b5

    Lederlenkrad Lenkrad Airbag AUDI A4 A6 A8 Multifunktion bei eBay.de: Innenausstattung (endet 21.01.10 18:12:10 MEZ)
  8. Cockney Boy Member

    Yes it is, as it has the PTT button
  9. Giannis20vt New Member

    What about the airbag connector ? Is it the same with my A4 b6 Audi ?
    The steering wheel is plug and play to my AUDI ?
  10. Cockney Boy Member

    I am not sure about the connectors, but once you have both in your hands you will see straight away if they are the same.
  11. Giannis20vt New Member

    But i haven't in my hands, i am thinking to buy it. Thats why i make the question.
  12. Novo New Member

    Hi Giannis and All others,

    Sorry that I am making alive this thread again, but I want to know how finished it, I have RNS-e installed by factory (on my Audi A4 B6 2004) and recently I have installed oem BT for phone. I have already installed CCS with processor 8E0 953 549 Q. All is functioning OK. At this moment I can find and buy only first type of MFSW (as on above pictures) with these symbols "<" and ">". As I am inpatient and want to buy it, can somebody tell if these buttons can work with phone and if SDS can be used with these buttons?

    Thanks in advance


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