B&O Retrofit

Discussion in 'D3 platform' started by djlex, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. djlex Member


    Is it possible to retrofit B&O sound system in my A8 with Bose?
    CAn anyone tell me the parts needed, if the retrofit is possible?

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  3. nickysthlm Member

    Anything is possible - but you will need a lot of parts - most of them expensive. Speakers, door panels, amps (B&O has 2 amps) and last but not least a custom made cable set.
  4. datdude215 Member

    its about 10k. first thing is new dash, personal i dont think that its worth it. car and driver did a test and said that its not worth it for the upgrade. what r you looking to do ?????
  5. Gerappa Member

    I made it and say that worth it. My A8 had standard sound system, then retrofitted BOSE, and after that the B&O system. Don't need the dash, only the grill. The B&O has different grill. The front door panels can be made by hand if you don't want to buy it. Need some wiring and a lot of time to do it... :)
  6. Marko Murto New Member

    Hi.I do same now but do you have picture how you instaal B&o amplifiers in trunk .If bossible could you take picture and send it to mmurto@nic.fi


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