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  1. Hello everybody
    I recently traded my VW against a 2012 Audi A5 Q.
    The dealership had me test a S5 first, which I did like a lot. However i decided to get the 2.0 T premium Plus with the MMI nav. system and the back up camera.

    After driving the car for a couple of weeks I do miss one thing the S5 had and that is the "side assist".
    So here is my question , anybody ever done a retrofit of that system, or knows what is involved?

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  3. Well, no answer so far. But I will do it.

    So far I got a set of (electric) sunshades from Poland . Absolute easy transaction.
    Yesterday I received a set of Mirrors with side assist from Canada.
    (Transaction much more complicated paid more postage from Canada then from Poland)
    Proceeding with getting parts. Found out that for "Audi drive select" only the appropriate
    switch and wiring is needed plus some coding with VAG.
    Will keep updating .

  4. Roadblock !!!
    Talked to the service manager of my dealership. Every time the car comes in for service (warranty work if needed) the scan data is now being send to Germany (always) and any changes are flagged.
    Engine, trans, exhaust and changes on the injection or "the smog system" will void the warranty on the spot.
    Changes like installing the B&O sound system or side assist he was not sure about it and he will try to find out what their (Audi's) policy is.
    So, for me, since I have full factory warranty plus I bought the extended warranty, all stops at this moment until I know for sure what impact
    those changes would have.

    Will keep you informed.

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Almost any changes will (officially) void the warranty, doesn't stop most of us making the changes we want to get our cars to the spec we want/need though...
  5. Thanks for the input. Well taken.
    I guess I will wait until after my first service and then start with something less visible like the rear sunshade.

  6. So, here is where I am.

    I bought a complete set of Bang and Olufson speakers (including all covers) , the sub woofer, the amp and both microphones . I got both side assist control units, the drive select switches and the brake assist switch. During the process I found out that the can bus controller needs to be exchanged too, since side assist needs the extended CAN bus.

    Besides those parts, the seller will make me a complete wiring harness for the sound system and side assist including needed connectors.

    After I receive the parts I will replace the CAN bus controller first (nothing else). That will invoke the component protection and I have to go to the dealer and get the unit authorized. After that it should be smooth sailing since none of the other components will invoke the component protection.

    The seller pointed out that with the extended CAN bus all mods are very simple since everything else (like ACC) connects to the CAN bus.

  7. Hello again,

    after almost 3 months the packet finally has arrived.

    It was quit big, so the German and US mail where used to keep the cost down.

    However the delay was worth waiting for.

    Side-assist came with the complete wiring, so did the complete Bang & Olufson system. That should make the installation much easier.
    All covers where in included. There is 1, which I have to modify since I plane to install the sun-rollo as well.

    All switches (handbrake, brake , drive select and the rear sun shade switch) have the wiring attached. I think that
    he has as well both door looms included, since each wiring loom has two large round rubber {2 to 3 inches diam.} seals
    Last not least, the extended gate way was shipped too.

  8. Below are some pictures of the "stuff" .

    On the # 15 picture you see the B&O amp and the associated wiring loom. Below the transmitters from the side assist. My source tells me that according to his experience (he has done quiet a few of them) no calibration is usually needed, since the cars are built to very close tolerances
    avoiding the need for calibration.
    Pic # 21 shows the rest of the project. The dual handbrake and brake switch , the drive select and the rear sun shade switch are also included.

    On the negative side I run into some more obstacles. Both side mirror covers ( I want to keep them black) have pretty bad scratches which I do not like and therefore need to clean up or replace. Besides that, I forgot that I will need as well different C column covers since these rollos have guide rails on either side. Last not least I need the 2 brackets needed for the installation of said rails.

    If anybody has some mirror covers resulting from a change to carbon, chrome or any other mirror changeover please contact me.
    With the other missing parts, that will be a little bit harder to get but I am working on it.


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  9. I know its a long time in the making.

    This is where I am. I got the missing C column covers and the other hardware needed for the sun shade installation ordered in Germany.
    I have tried for over a months to find them used either here in the US or in England. As an extra I will get electric fold-able mirrors too.

  10. Well, the work started this weekend.
    I installed the side assist control units. Getting the bumper off was easy, as was the installation of both transmitters.
    The bumper has the mounting for them. Then, unplugging the old wires from the ultrasound distance sensors and connecting the
    wires from the new (in this case used) harness was all what was needed.
    I spend 3 times as much time to re install the bumper than on everything else. The reason being are the clamps in the left and right taillight
    cutouts. The pin can not be removed. So, the third time being the charm I finally figured it out the upper lips on the fender need to be bent forward
    and than with the help of a flat screwdriver being pushed behind the upper clamp.

    And here is the next (little) problem. The old wiring loom has a 12 pin connector and the new one has a 16 pin connector. So a different control box
    is needed to accommodate the new connector. For the time being, I just removed the new (16 pin) and installed the old (12 pin) plug.

    Besides that the B&O amp doesn't fit the holder. I will report what needs to be done here.


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  11. I know, it is going on for a long time, but I think that I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    All missing parts, the tray for the B&o amp, the missing harness for the side assist (running on the pass. side of the car to the front, 2 wires going to the pass. door, 2 wires the can interface (extended) and 5 wires going to the driver door, its all on the way.

    Will have to to take the bumper off again since a have the wrong harness. Should be a piece of cake now since my last attempt.

    The harness we need (in the US) has 2 connectors, 1 to connect to the pass-side-cont(roll-unit) (see picture). The 2nd connector than connects to the above mentioned harness.
    One more tip I got from Germany is that, if you are using the original wiring (I could not even think not using it !) for the B&O system that there is absolutely no margin in regard to the placement of the wiring inside the interior, you give it a little more slack at the main connector to the amp and the rest of the wiring will be to short everywhere else. That the reason I did not start yet with the installation yet.

    Will be back soon.

  12. Just got word that the "rest" of the stuff needed is now on the way to me. (from Germany)

    Some more info for anybody planning to install the rear sunshade. The sunshade is controlled and plugged into "Convenience system central control unit" J393 (rear passenger side in trunk). There are 2 or 3 diff. versions of that module depending of equipment level of the car.

    Since I have key less start, I am lucky I do not need to buy another one.

    In retrospect and that is the main reason that this work (the elec. sunshade) is dragging on for that long, I did not research it enough. This add on is more involving since the screen has guides on both sides and therefore need extra hardware, plus new C pillar covers.
    If any body plans to get a sunshade, make sure you get all the parts. If anybody is interested I can give them a list.

    Locking forward to finally getting it done.

  13. I know, I know it is taking much to long to get going but I promise that once I get everything I will get the work done in a very short period of time.

    So here is what takes so long (the hangup).

    My source in Germany is a guy who buys Audi's test vehicles.
    The deal he has with Audi is, that he has to dismantle the cars and sell them in parts. So you get virtually everything from him.

    He has a store at . (over 8000 sales and his score is 99.9 % ) He has over 2000 items in his store and sometimes has more than 6 high quality pictures per item on display.
    Everything points to a very successful enterprise. But I think that he spreads himself a little bit to thin. Whenever I am talking to him he is always out of breath or chasing something. I guess that is the price you have to pay for being successful !

    The reason for the above statement is that, I just found out that my stuff (the items I mentioned earlier in this threat) is still there. And besides that
    I have added a facelift S style steering wheel (with the round air bag), the switch for the Adaptive cruise control.

    Regardless what the reason for this is, I am working on a plan to get the materials faster (because I do belief that he will be a excellent source of parts
    for other forum members and the public in the future ).

    This time I will use my brother to ship the parts.

    For the future I am thinking about a company with facilities in LA and Bremen which I used in the past to send police motorcycles to friend in Germany. They ship containers every months. And besides moving cars they fill up the remaining space with any type of freight.
  14. craigyb Active Member

    What is the sellers name on
  15. Hello craigyb, did not see your response before. Tried to call your shop to give info.
    Will try again.
  16. Wow, more then 10,000 Visitors !

    After being en route for more than a month (airfreight ! sent by my own brother) the package has finally arrived.
    A little bit disappointing, the fold able black side assist mirrors I had expected, ended up being red (but in absolute perfect shape).

    My wife actually got the idea( in response to the mirror colors) to get a red stripe painted over the length of the car. And she will get that done as a birthday present for me.
    But I will do that later.

    As opposed to the disappointment was the fact that my friend in Germany had, in addition the appropriate C-pillar (for the sun shade rails)
    had sent me all mounting parts and as well grey ( my headliner color) rails for the sun shade. I had not ordered those, and to be fair I have to say, that I totally forgot that my (old) parts would be a color mismatch. (All parts parts for the sun rollo came in black ). So, I will end up having a grey headliner and a black sun shade.

    At this moment I am printing out all appropriate section of the wiring (for all the mods) , the connector layouts etc. So I am actually running out of excuses for more delays. Except that I am zoning my house for the A/C and heater. But I am almost done with that as well.

    So "Fortsetzung folgt "

  17. 9/23/13
    Today the day I got started.

    My goal is the get to a point by removing pretty much everything from the inside of the car to ease the installation of all wiring and other stuff and still be able to drive it.

    I was able (with minimum damage ) to remove the left and right trunk liners. Got to remove the lower seat cushion. Removed the clip holding down the two parts of the rear seat. tried to remove the seats,
    but something underneath the (rear) side covers is holding up the seats. Next tried to remove the side covers, but got scared (even with a lot of force) nothing moved.
    So, would anybody tell me the right way to remove those covers (the ones besides the rear seats).
    Thanks for any help.

  18. 1/10/13

    Progress report.
    Mounted the wiring for B&O system. Mounted the wiring for lane change assist. Installed the rear sun shade and the guides. Installed some of the speakers.
    Yesterday I put in the passenger door wiring. Due to the plug and connector design is really easy. I did have to cut of 2 connectors and solder the old ones to the wiring since the changed the lock and window regulator connector. While at it, I spliced the door handle sensor wires too, since it was much easier than get into the door and disconnect them.
    Making the rest of the connections is really simple since the wiring ends at the A post connection stations.
    Today I am going to bring the mirrors to an auto body to get them painted black (so no red stripe over the car).
    Hopefully I get them back in 2 days, because then I can finish the driver door in one session.

    I took pictures and will put them on line as soon as I find my camera (can’t remember where I put it after the shoots).

    If anyone has a request about pictures etc. , please let me know.

  19. 18/10/13

    Progress report.
    Finished both doors (with mirrors) . After work today I will run the wires for the "extended CAN -bus" from the wiring station on passenger doorpost
    to the J533 (diagnostic interface) . These where the only wires I had to actually run myself, since I got all wires from my friend in Germany.
    I will make a connecting point on the white 17 point connector since this will be the point the wires for the ACC will end up.
    Getting ready to put the B&O system on line. Realize that I actually have no clue how to do that. I do not think that I can disconnect the fiber from the radio underneath and plug it into the B&O module.
    I would be thankful for any input.

  20. 10/14/13

    Finished with all the hard work. Put the interior back into car. Tested the sunshade with separate battery and it works fine.
    Got a 2 week delay for getting the "component protection" removed since I forgot the MOST connection to the B&O amp.
    I found a "splice cable" in Berlin and get it send to me.
    What I have not figured out yet is, how to add the sunshade to the car's system so that the switch works.
    Any tips ?

    Couple of clues when working on the A5.
    If you want to take the side-panels (rear seat) out, the right way to do that is actually :
    1.) remove the fuse panels at the end of the dashboard.
    2.) remove the panels covering the door posts (the cover the connection stations at the bottom of the door)
    3.) remove the covers on door sweller
    4.) remove the (rear) seats
    5.) remove the C-pillar covers
    The reason for this sequence is that all parts are interlocked
    . B&O-installed.jpg


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