Audi R8 radio to NAV conversion

Discussion in 'Audi R8' started by PROXUS, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. PROXUS Administrator

    It was harder than I initially thought because of few hardware issues, but it is done.
    I recently converted Audi Concert to Audi Navigation.

    Surprisingly Audi R8 units are equipped with HW16 ( that was brand new unit manufactured in 3Q of 2008 ).

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  3. craigyb Active Member

    I've already done two of these with hardware swaps, what steps did you take?
  4. PROXUS Administrator

    I did software conversion. Of course changing hardware is the easiest way, but you need to have replacement board and I wanted to keep it original as it was.

    But since it was my first R8, ...I spent 4 days on it trial and error, and this wasn't fast conversion like Audi or Lambo.

    I was trying to make VIM and channel 97 is locked for firmware 0260 (BTW big thanks to AudiA4B6US for helping me out) and then on the top of it,... every time you convert to NAV and load firmware back, will wipe out NAV functionality. Of course you could make custom disc, but I waned to keep everything stock.

    I suspect that firmware upgrade is calculating HW version in the equation and R8 HW is 16. That could be the case, but this is just a guess and its need to be determined.

    For now firmware 0200 is working great with 2007/2008 maps.

    I have few ideas I want to test out, but I kept Adam's nav unit long enough , so next time I will probably make it work with 0260.
  5. craigyb Active Member

    Yeah I tried the SW method originally but all the important channels were locked and I couldn't work out how to unlock them.
  6. gsmps New Member

    A big shout out to you and AudiA4B6US for giving me the gift of NAV. Took the car out to SoCal and back over the weekend and everything worked flawlessly. BMW's iDrive could learn a thing or 2 from Audi
  7. gsmps New Member

    Please get back with me regarding the disappearance of the AUX input menu after the NAV upgrade was done

  8. PROXUS Administrator

    AUX is activated by changing coding via VAG.

    STG 56 (Navigation System) -> Coding -> Function 07

    0xxxx?x: Options I
    1 - default
    2 - Digital-Radio
    3 - Satelite-Radio
    4 - Satelite- and Digital-Radio
    5 - AUX in (Euro sw 0650+)
    6 - AUX in and DAB (Euro sw 0650+)

    it works with US firmware as well (I tested with 0260 but I suspect previous one should work as well)
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    AUX IN was introduced in US 0260, won't work with US 0200.
  9. ShaDoW-_- New Member

    R8 Concert to Navigation

    Hi guys,

    I am new to this... I've recently retrofitted a Symphony II to RNS-E on an '06 Audi S4 and worked with Vag-Com codes but that's about it.

    Now, I got an '09 Audi R8 to switch from Audi Concert to Navigation (if software works then I would rather do this than hardware).

    Could you let me know exactly what the steps are in order to get this done? Do I need to get a GPS Antenna? Will the 2007-2008 DVD from RNS-E (S4) work, or do I need to get one elsewhere? I live in Ontario, Canada.

    I am ready to donate money for this.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    Does the Concert have the color LCD and a blue FAKRA connector in the back?
  10. ShaDoW-_- New Member

    I wouldnt be able to tell as I haven't taken it out.

    But I can tell you that it has a color LCD and that it is exactly as the image posted by PROXUS at the beginning of this thread.

  11. ShaDoW-_- New Member

    Hardware Swap

    I'm opened to a full hardware swap. Anyone can guide me and find me parts I will pay for your time!


  12. rabbit Member

    what are you looking exactly ???
  13. ShaDoW-_- New Member


    I am looking into swapping the current Audi Concert unit that came with the R8 with an Audi Navigation Plus unit. I have seen that some people have performed a software mod so that the Navigation works on the Concert, but does it use a Navigation CD or DVD? I would prefer a DVD for sure.

    If the soft mod works for DVD, then I would not mind doing a soft mod, but I would need to know what to do.

    Otherwise, I would rather do a hardware swap with an Audi Navigation Plus unit, but I cannot find any. Any help would be greatly appreciated and rewarded.


    (My profile says (said) I drive an Audi R8 but that is my boss car I am trying to upgrade. I drive an B7 S4.)
  14. rabbit Member


    I have a few r8 rns-e units here. But they are not in very good condition, some of them have little scratches. But they are working very well. They have been removed from testcars incl pin code. I have only US versions. If you are interested let me know you're private email address so I can send you some pictures.

    regards rabbit
  15. Firestyler Member

    Someone already tried to add also a RVC? where to pull the cables etc...
  16. Miwa New Member

    Is it possible to upgrade a 2011 R8 without Nav via software, or is a hardware swap needed? If a hardware swap is needed, what else is needed besides the actual RNS-E unit?
  17. rabbit Member

    do you have a rnse unit in the car at the moment??
  18. Miwa New Member

    Nope, the car doesn't have nav, just the stock R8 radio, which has a full color display. (I'm in the US)
  19. rabbit Member

    i think i can help you,you need a mainboard changement.Make a pic of this unit so I can help you! to be sure you have the correct unit for mainboardchangement

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