Audi OEM BT supported phones list

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by craigyb, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. no_idea New Member

    Samsung 'Tocco' SGH-F480 fully supported on module 8P0 862 335 N
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  3. dave405nyc New Member

    Does anyone know if the LG Vu CU920 is supported?

    I currently have an 11/05 build 2006 Audi A4 with factory fitted bluetooth/nav.

    The Vu and bluetooth module can connect, but it won't allow me to download the phonebook thru the DIS. It just says "Button not Functional" when I push the mfsw button.

    I'm not sure what bluetooth module I have, but its probably a really old one because I'm able to successfully sync the sony w810i and go thru the phonebook thru the DIS, but it will say "telephone not installed" when I check thru the rns-e.

    Any guidance is appreciated, thanks from NYC!
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    We need to know what version your phone module is to answer your questions. Best to check that with VCDS (VAG-COM).

    I suspect you have a phone module that is not coded for the "enhanced" features, and if it's an old module it may not accept that coding.
  4. msullx Member

    Nokia 5800 Express Music is fully compatible with Audi Bluetooth Module "N".
    With this phone I got all Contacts, Bluetooth Signal Bar in RNS-E, last calls, missing calls.
  5. dave405nyc New Member

    Thanks Petrol Dave, I will get back to you on that when I find out what module I have.

  6. dave405nyc New Member


    Can you tell me which versions of the bluetooth module are NOT compatible with the enhanced features?

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

  7. dave405nyc New Member

    Cheers Petrol Dave,

    I was able to borrow someone's VAGCOM. Found out that I have module G which does support enhanced features. For some reason the factory didn't code the RNS-E with the bluetooth module :roll: so I just changed the coding to 6. Thanks very much for your help!!!

    FYI, the LG VU CU920 is NOT supported with 8P0 862 335 G. It will sync, but thats about it.

    The Apple Iphone 3G is fully compatible with 8P0 862 335 G (phone book downloads, recent/missed calls/ etc...). Hope this helps anyone using any of the 2 phones mentioned.

  8. MikeB New Member

    Musllx, I was interested to know how you managed to sync the 5800 as successfully as you describe. I have been unable to transfer phone book and recent call lists with a 'Q' telephone module.

    I have had to resort to using Contact Download Manager 616 which only gives me the phone book.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. msullx Member

    Hello Mike,
    Like I wrote in my previous post, my telephone module is a "N". With a "N" module and Nokia 5800 everything works fine, phone book, missed calls, etc.
  10. MikeB New Member


    Sorry, I wrongly assumed that the Q module was a later edition than the N. My mistake, i should have checked the part numbers page first.
    Clearly the later software in the N module does do something!

    Many thanks
  11. MikeB New Member

    OK. Just for the sake of completeness, the Nokia 5800 works perfectly with the 'S' revision module.
  12. msullx Member

    Hi Mike,
    Do you updated your phone module from "Q" to "S" or bought a new one?
  13. MikeB New Member

    Hello Msullx,

    I part X'd the Q for the S at a local TPS. Not the cheapest thing to do I know but I went for it anyway. It cost me about 2/3rd's of the cost of a new unit.

    The reason for this was that I had an n95 8Gb before and was tired of it not populating the recent call lists. When I saw your post I swapped to the 5800 and then discovered my error.....

  14. msullx Member

    OK, thanks for let me know.
    I agree with your decision, at least you have the last phone unit with last firmware issued by Audi, and you shouldn't have more problems- :D

    Just one more thing... Can you "translate" TPS for me? :oops:

    Thank you.
  15. MikeB New Member


    Sorry; TPS is 'Trade Parts Specialists', a UK VW/AUDI genuine parts dealer network. They are cheaper than the dealers by some margin.

    Thanks for your comments.

  16. stormryder New Member

    Dunno if y'all are keeping a running tally, but the AT&T Fuze (a/k/a HTC Raphael or HTC Touch Pro) works great with the B7 S4's Bluetooth. Address book list, missed calls, the works.
  17. Igi Member

    Nokia E66 works with my RNS-E and 335H BT module - phone book, missed, dialed, last calls.

    I am surprised, but it works...
  18. nickasaki Member

    O.K now i'm fed up, i have just picked up my new phone ( Nokia 5800 XM ) and it will not fully connect with the Audi bluetooth interface, i get the basic function i.e answer,hang up and replace screen nothing else , the interface is 'M' so after reading all the posts i have purchased a new interface 'S' and still the same thing, i have tried downloading the Nokia 616 download manager but it says that it's not compatable with the phone software............PPPPPLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE help it's doing my head in...thanks in advance
  19. msullx Member

    What is your coding for BT interface "S"?
    What is your Nokia 5800 firmware version?

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