Audi MMI High (MMI 2G) Navigation DVD Edition 2011

Discussion in 'Maps & Firmware' started by neo_andersson, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. neo_andersson Member


    Audi introduced 2 new updates for the Navigation DVD for MMI 2G:

    4E0 060 884 CJ - Europe Edition 2011
    4E0 060 884 CF - Russia Edition 2011

    This can be ordered already at your nearest Audi Dealer.
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  3. neo_andersson Member

    And here is the DVD inlay cover.

  4. Mattte New Member

    Hallo! When can we buy DVD by Audi dealer? Is still there?
  5. eMeR Member

    Is there any information available about changes since MMI 2G 2010 version?
  6. AuudiA6 Member

    Do you have an item number of this DVD disc?
    How much does it "weight"?Previous was something around 2,1.. Gb
  7. mpetrov New Member

    Audi Road Map 2G High 2011

    Here Is a Link to download Road Map 2G 2011 Europe.It's only 1 Gb, because there no update software included - only maps

    Link deleted by moderator.

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  8. New Member

    my 2011 2g europe map is 3GB.
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  9. BP-Hatzer3 New Member

  10. Peet Member

    Its exactly 3.03 GB
  11. Barko140 New Member

    Europe 2011 3.23Gb
  12. LittleDevil New Member

    I would like to "buy" one through PM guys =)
  13. AuudiA6 Member

    Who can tell me do I need to upgrate my car up to 5150 or 5570 before I insert a 2011 DVD disc? Or I can do that with my 4220 version?
  14. New Member

    No mmi update needed in order to get new maps working. map dvd will update some stuff by itself. just insert dvd, plres [NAV], accept and wait 2 minutes, then press [RETURN] when asked to, and after reboot you have new maps working.
  15. AuudiA6 Member

    Thanks for info
  16. maximyershov Member

    Anyone knows what cities are covered in Russian edition? I bought its the whole Russia as it would be 99.9GB in size:)
  17. Pablo200 Member

    Link PM from Me
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Probably only the major cities in detail and major roads between them.

    It would be best if anyone who has this information posts it here...
  18. ludoboy New Member

  19. ALEX GATU New Member

    Hi there , can i get PM with the update please
  20. ALEX GATU New Member

    hi there can you PM me with the link please, thanks

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