Audi CD changers / iPod adapters / TV tuners - part numbers

Discussion in 'Part Numbers' started by AudiForum, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. AudiForum Administrator

    CD-CHANGER(confirmed working)
    8E0 035 111

    8E0 035 111 A
    8E0 035 111 D

    iPod Interface(confirmed working)
    8E0 051 444

    4D0 919 146 C Analogue PAL/NTSC OEM TV Tuner
    4D0 919 146 D Analogue PAL/NTSC OEM TV Tuner
    8J0 919 148 Analogue PAL/NTSC and Digital DVB-T OEM Tuner
    8J0 919 148 A Analogue PAL/NTSC and Digital DVB-T OEM Tuner
    8J0 919 148 B Analogue PAL/NTSC and Digital DVB-T OEM Tuner
    Dietz 1417 PAL/NTSC Video adapter for RNS-E (US and EU units)
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  3. Eddie Member

    8E0 035 111 also works whit RNS-E. I tried it whit 3 diffrent RNS-E both A3 and A4.
  4. ModestW12 New Member

    Are the UK Audi TV Tuners both PAL and NTSC?

    Can someone confirm that the analog reception of above listed tuners is indeed dual standard PAL & NTSC?

    If that is correct, any of those tuners should be able to pickup the low power broadcast TV stations that are still broadcasting analog in the USA...
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    None of those will work with the MOST fiber optics network in your A8 though.
  5. ModestW12 New Member

    Doh! Thanks for pointing that out, I didn't notice the leading 3 characters of the parts.

    Still, I'd imagine the MOST versions of the UK tuners have identical TV reception capabilities so my original question still stands if anyone has knowledge?

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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    If I recall correctly there was at least one person on here who got the Euro TV tuner working in the US. That was before we switched to all digital though but the hardware should support NTSC as well as PAL.
  6. ModestW12 New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I've had two other people reply at another forum that concur with you, one of them very sure. He stated: "Yes PAL, NTSC and Seecam are supported for the TV, and you can select PAL or NTSC in settings in the MMI for each of AV1 and AV2".

    Once I get it working, I'll post here with the final confirmation.
  7. Markpaq Member

    Would a 4E0 919 146 work in my 2010 A6 with BOSE 6000?

    I appreciate that it's not the right tuner and it's only analogue but I wondered if I'll be able to use at as an A/V input. Would I have to recode it somehow in VCDS or is it going to be a complete waste of time?

  8. craigyb Active Member

    Does your car have HDD nav? only A6's with HDD nav have the FBAS socket for TV input.

  9. Markpaq Member

    Yes it does.

    I'm in the process of adding rear screens for the kiddies and wanted to try and add TV as well. I'm not sure if it's possible to feed the DVD output from the glove box to the screens but the screens have built in players if not. It got me wondering if I could tie it all up together with the MMI and use the A/V input (and output to the screens) of a compatible tuner while using a cheap DVB receiver to provide the TV signal.

    I did look at the device offered by Xcarlink but that looks to be a nightmare to fit as you need to remove the dash to gain access to the rear of the MMI screen. Also, it only provides video to the front screen and no audio.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions or pointers in the right direction.

  10. ModestW12 New Member

    Do the analog TV Tuners have video out?

    Do the analog TV Tuners have video out like the Digital Hybrid's do? On the Hybrids, per craigyb's post, the red 20 pin connector has A/V out on the following pins:
    4 - Screen earth (video)
    5 - Video output to multimedia control unit -J650- (RSE)
    6 - Screen earth (audio)
    7 - Audio output (left-side) to multimedia control unit -J650- (RSE)
    8 - Audio output (right-side) to multimedia control unit -J650- (RSE)

    I'm wondering if the above pins provide the same functionality on analog only tuners?

    I'm asking specifically for the D3 A8 versions of the tuners but I'm guessing the answer would be the same for the ones at the beginning of this thread.

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