Audi builds its six-millionth Quattro-equipped car

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    All-wheel drive has become the norm particularly among German automakers. Mercedes offers its 4Matic system on a broad range of models, BMW counters with its xDrive system, Volkswagen has 4Motion, and the only Porsche you actually can't get with all-wheel traction is the Boxster/Cayman. But before all its competitors got on board with channeling power to all four wheels, Audi was making a name for itself with its Quattro all-wheel-drive system.

    Now 34 years since the advent of the original Audi Quattro, the House of the Four Rings has built its six millionth vehicle equipped with all-wheel drive - only a year and a half since it hit the five-million mark. In fact these days nearly half of all new Audis are ordered in Quattro spec - more than any other automaker - resulting in a total of 710,095 Quattro-equipped Audis produced last year alone.

    The landmark 6,000,000th vehicle was an SQ5 in monsoon gray metallic that rolled off the assembly line on Friday and is bound for a customer right here in the United States.
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    Which makes it a right royal PITA that Mercedes don't offer AWD in right-hand drive markets (because they can't be bothered to engineer AWD in a way that is compatible with RHD - so that's no quattro conquest sales for you Mercedes), and BMW don't offer AWD in most models in RHD markets (so that's little or no quattro conquest sales for you either BMW).

    BTW - this is an IMPORTANT point - Quattro is the iconic Audi Rally Group-B star from the 1980's, quattro is what ALL other Audi models with AWD have - please DON'T devalue THE Quattro by misuing that word on Audi's quattro models.

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