Audi A7 MMI 3G+ VideoInMotion TVFREE

Discussion in 'Audi A7' started by Mobilem, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Mobilem New Member

    Hello, today my company has unlocked the DVD while driving in the Audi A7. Look at the pictures.

    TV3G1[1].jpg TV3G2[1].jpg
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  3. Cockney Boy Member

  4. stef4n New Member

  5. destroi35 Member

    i can confirm . it's working
  6. jees6 New Member

    it's work for sure!!!....i already tried..

    thank u very much!!
  7. huihuilu New Member

    Hello!Audi models, the serial number of the master K5FAN149A0IDN does not work

    Greetings from China!

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