Audi A4 B5 Part Out 99.5'

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    Audi A4 B5 99.5’ Part Out

    Car Info:


    Year: 1999.5

    Transmission: 5 Speed Manual

    Engine Code: AEB

    Drivetrain: Quattro (4WD/AWD)

    Exterior Paint Color: Laser Red (Code: LY3H H1)

    Interior Color: Beige

    Last Updated: 7/16/12

    All payments will be done through PayPal unless you can pick up the part, then ONLY CASH will be accepted. NO TRADES, don’t ask, they will not be considered. Prices will be negotiated upon part inquiry, please feel free to make an offer.

    Shipping is included on most parts, I will use my discretion on larger heavier parts and notify you if additional shipping charges apply.

    For large parts (i.e. body panels, seats, ect.) I request only offers in the area no more than 100 miles of zip code 45401 unless you are willing to pick the part up any distance is welcome otherwise a netural location can be decided on to make the sale at my discretion.

    I have receipts and documentation for all work that has been done to the car. If any service was done to the part you requested a copy or the original receipt will be included with your purchase.

    If you have any questions or part inquiries I can be reached at I will usually respond within a few hours requests for pictures may take as much as a day or two.

    Disclaimer: There will be NO REFUNDS given with the exception of a defective part. All engine parts are from an AEB engine. This is also a half year model meaning this is an updated version and previous models prior to 1999 may not have the same parts. If parts are bought and do not fit and or work with your specific car a refund will not be given, make sure you know what you’re getting into. Do your homework! I will provide all information as requested to the best of my ability. My intent is not to deceive, but to eliminate ignorant and or impulsive purchases.

    Parts listed below are not in their entirety please inquire for specific parts I will respond either via email or PM

    AEB ECU (GIAC chipped receipts and documentation included)

    AEB ECU (stock) [SOLD]

    Hood [SOLD]

    Front Bumper [SOLD]

    Front Quarter Panels [SOLD]

    AEB Head

    Instrument Cluster

    4 Spoke Steering Wheel

    Drivers Seat

    Passengers Seat

    Rear Seats

    Climate Control Unit

    Stock Radio

    DV1 Diverter Valve

    K03 Turbo

    N75 Race Valve
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