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Discussion in 'Navigation units' started by anfieldgod, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. anfieldgod New Member

    I live in Auckland, New Zealand, and I recently bought an imported japanese Audi A3 with the navigation plus built in. The Model NO 014A42B27C-0000581 Stamped Audi A3 Made by AISIN –AW. CO. Ltd
    I need to know if I can upgrade the firmware on this unit to first of all be in english, but seccondly will I then be able to buy/create a map disc that will allow my unit to provide me navigation capability in NZ? I can see that there are any number of solutions to upgrade an EU unit to US, and vice versa.
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    The Japanese Navigation Plus works nowhere but in Japan. You can only remove it and replace it by an RNS-D (more work) or RNS-E (less work, more options) but the RNS-J is completely useless anywhere but in Japan.
  3. anfieldgod New Member

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated.
  4. anfieldgod New Member

    Me again...If I can't upgrade the old RNS-JP3 unit, can I buy an RNS-E unit from the US and make it operate in NZ? Would I need firmware updates, or would I merely need a DVD of the NZ maps. Any idea how much I should pay for a second hand unit and if this will work with the existing antennae and boot 6 Cd changes that is already fitted?
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    I'm sure you can reuse the GPS antenna, the CD changer will be worth a try (some of the A3 changers do work with the RNS-E). Not sure if anybody offers a ready made RNS-J to RNS-E harness but that sounds doable too. For the map I will let the Australian guys chime in, not sure if there is one for NZ.
  5. kiwi_b7 New Member

    I'm in Auckland NZ and have a ex-Japan A4 with the RNS-JP3. I've swapping it over with a RNS-E purely because it gives me more upgrade options - Bluetooth carkit, iPod, etc (and above all....ENGLISH!). Definitely didn't buy it for GPS - I sent a question directly to Audi Germany, and had a reply come back saying that they didn't produce any NZ maps for the RNS-E. There are MMI maps for NZ however I understand they maps won't work on the RNS-E.

    For my RNS-E upgrade, I bought a second hand RNS-E (EU version) on eBay. Also bought a plug & play adapter harness. Only thing I need to do now is to pair up the wiring between the RNS-JP3 and RNS-E. Most of the pins are ok, but a few of them need to be rearranged. My biggest challenge so far:
    1. Trying to figure out how to fit 4 antenna connectors (RNS-JP3) into 3 (RNS-E).
    2. Working out the T20d connector pins from the CD changer. There isn't a one to one match, name-wise!
    3. Figuring out what to do with the T32f (32 pin) connector. Completely different between the two!

    Will post another update shortly once the RNS-E is up and runing.

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