Audi A3 8V0 3GPlus VIM Video In Motion + VW Discover pro VIM

Discussion in 'MMI' started by kris.2010, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. kris.2010 Member

    Hey, it's possible now !!

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  3. billeuz New Member


    Done also on Audi A3 8V(not with the VCDS wire)..

    No problem.

    Bye, Pascal, FRANCE
  4. kris Member

    Congratulations kris.2010 ;)
  5. nickysthlm Member

    I've done it also ;)
  6. rbobbydray New Member

    Has anyone done this in the USA on a 2015 A3?
  7. Audi5000 Member

    Hi, Kufatec also has a dongle to enable VIM for A6 4G Facelift 2014+
    It worked on my 2015 model.

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