audi 3G hdd a6 / Q7 new firmware 2011

Discussion in 'MMI' started by kris.2010, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. enry68 Member

    Thanks Kris !!!

    I will wait for good news together with all other people ..

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  3. darek70 Member

    Not true - MMI control panel from 2G or 3G works with 5F unit from MMI 3G plus (4G)
  4. nickysthlm Member

    Ok strange - I connected it in a q7 and it did not work - maybe because it is coded for a8 4h... Will try recode it later today...
  5. enry68 Member

    Any news ?
  6. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Perhaps I missed some previous thread, guys are saying that you can install the 3GMMI+ software on the 3G standard 5F units with success????
  7. enry68 Member

    Wow!!! This, if true, is a amazing information!!!
  8. neo_andersson Member

    i have delivered last week a 2012 Q7 which came with the new MMI 3G + system the same as in A7 and A8. It is a hybrid system as it still has the controls from the standard MMI 3G with joystick, and as far as i could test it it seams it is not 100% implemented corectly.
    For example, the Q7 came with factory fitted RVC but it was not functional, i spoke with Audi in Germany and they said the new RVC camera module for Q7 with MMI 3G+ is not yet availalble, so it will be delivered at a later time. The client was not very happy as the Kessy System he ordered is also not functional as it is not fully implemented for MMI 3G+.

    I can not understand why Audi is selling options NOT FULLY IMPLEMENTED.........
  9. craigyb Active Member

    It also has a newer cluster, so it probably won't be functional in an older Q7
  10. a4ss4abt Active Member

    I don't understand, Neo are you talking about a new car Not FULLY IMPLEMENTED or about a retrofit?
  11. neo_andersson Member

    i am talking about a brand new car, ordered at Audi Ingolstadt in April, delivered last week with all the problems i mentioned above.
    the good news is that it came with the new MMI 3G+, the bad news is that it looks like an amateur retrofit wit the missing functionality.
  12. Paul H Member

    The RVC modules are made by Panasonic in Japan near Fukushima you do the map about having problems with delivering unit's.
    Either they are flooded or radio active what unit do you prefer
  13. alvisescarpa New Member

  14. jae New Member

    If you get this to work I will def buy this.
  15. alvisescarpa New Member

    But in the new A5 the screen is the same? Yesterday I went to an Audi dealer and it was a New A5! It's perfects the same of the pre restyling! The new one which kind of mmi 3g+ software has?
  16. JOHNNY5377 New Member

    Hello all

    have found for the MMI3+ interface 2012 on MMI 3G 2010

    thank you JOHNNY

  17. spinmar Member

    Where did you find it?
  18. JOHNNY5377 New Member


    I do not find

    I wonder if any one find??
  19. kris Member

    hmm interesting...

    Is it possible?


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  20. 4F-Devil Member

    This is a new screen from MMI Version 767 (a4/5/q7) and 770 A6/7/8.
    No new function, Audi connect can start directly from screen.
  21. kris Member

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