audi 3G hdd a6 / Q7 new firmware 2011

Discussion in 'MMI' started by kris.2010, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. kris.2010 Member

    what's new in new firmware? 2011

    1. support google map ( only HW 670)
    2. copy video & audio SD/IPOD/USB to HDD
    3. new grafik & logos
    This is the trailer - not yet available:)


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  3. craigyb Active Member

    Do you think it's possible to upgrade/swap the existing 5F units or do we need the new bigger 8" screen?
  4. Markpaq Member

    This looks good but don't tease.....when will it be available?
  5. kris.2010 Member

    to change the size of the monitor is needed LVDS Scaler

    for test I use 2x 10.2" lcd RSE + 7 Q7 front LCD
    + extra tool for LVDS
    if you have 8" A8 4H0 to possible used him

  6. craigyb Active Member

    nice thought, what sort of price would a head unit be with a scaler to drive a Q7 screen.
  7. NikolasZ Member

    Maybe I am thick-sculled, but I did not understand if this was an answer or not?

    If I already have a factory installed 3G MMI system in my 2011 Q7, would I be able to update my SW only, and get the new features (bullet 2 & 3, since I have a 666B-unit)?
  8. 4F-Devil Member

    The system is the new MMI3G +.
    This has been built so far only in the A8, A7 and A1.
    The MMI3G + has nothing in common with the 3G. The SW can not be changed.
  9. NikolasZ Member

    Well, Kris.2010 states that the SW is for "audi 3G hdd a6 / Q7 new firmware 2011".

    So my question remains...
  10. kris.2010 Member

    Now this program can be found in the A8, A7, A1, VW touareg and soon q3 q5 q7 TT bentlay


    Foto from my a4 B8 in test.

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  11. NikolasZ Member

    What do you mean "soon"? When is soon? And will we be able to load this SW into our 3G MMI-systems? Or are you talking about the future Q3, Q5, Q7 and Bentley models? (MY2012?)
    Is the R-version of the Map-SW needed?
  12. Igi Member

    So I don't understand too, why this thread is named : audi 3G hdd a6 / Q7 new firmware 2011, when it's about MMI 3G+ for new A8 ?????????????????????????
  13. chaosman Member

    You got a nice MOST analyzer. Would love to have such a device ... ;)
  14. AudiA4B8 New Member

    Will this firmware work on a Audi A4 B8 MMI 3G Plus??

  15. ZelvaBOi Member

    still there is no clear answer - is it compatible with our actual 3g systems? seems to look like interface modification (it's just graphic) and some functionality improvements - should it work or not? On photos looks like installed on actual Q7 3G system.

    "copy video & audio SD/IPOD/USB to HDD" - is it mean that it will play mp4 and divx?
  16. awhk Member

    Any update for B8 availability?
  17. darek70 Member

    5F unit from A8 D4 perfectly works with Q7 screen without scaler :)
  18. nickysthlm Member

    I can confirm - got a 4H0 035 666 and connected it to a standard 7 inch 3G High monitor - got a perfect picture - but could not control it because the 3G keypad seems not to be compatible - but the picture was perfect so no lvds scaler needed
  19. audiR8 Member

    After some experimental work I had been loading a new software for 3G MMI+ on old hardware. For base on my work I'm using head unit from Q7 (4L0 035 670_SW0047_HW H41). For now I have partial success, because here has a more different software and hardware issues between 3G and 3G+ (I meant a diagnostic capability and communication on board protocol) and in the next days I'll making litle more test to get a good satisfactory .
    Some shots from start of work:

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  20. enry68 Member


    What great job!

    Some questions fly on my mind ... first of all: did you had problems with component protection ?
    I've read on some forums that changing the Firmware on the 3G+ (with HDD, just to be clear) the component protection will activate and is necessary Audi dealer to reset it and activate the full functionality. Is it true ?

    One other information, is coming from an Audi technician that seems to be true that exists a new update FW for my 3G+ MMI with this code : 8R0 998 861 C version 47. Seems that with this upgrade the CP will not activate.

    Did you know about it ?

  21. kris.2010 Member

    people write stupid
    current program 3G> 3G + is in the pipeline
    It is unstable
    Wait until someone completes work

    Ask AudiR8 for help in this matter

    After uploading an unstable program will only naviservice can help you

    Audi servisie visit will not help you because the CP does not block the program

    Patiently wait for good news


    8R0 998 861 C such number no exists

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