AUDI 2G FBAS redevelopment scheme A-Z MMI 2G Video Input

Discussion in 'MMI' started by kris.2010, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. kris.2010 Member

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  3. kris.2010 Member

    10 years ago born the first MMI (the A8)

    We see lots of questions - how to made Fbas ...

    Many of my customers asked for help

    Here's what you need to do ... !!!

    > Do not change the program - it's the same
    > Print a photo and attach what you see
    > If you do not have knowledge of the assembly - let the work good workshop

    if you do not have a part - you can buy a whole set of VNSmedia - = 38euro
    buying 5 sets get 20% discount
    You can made a job in VNSmedia = 63 euro

  4. Humayun Chughtai New Member

    Thanks Kris, I have been looking for this information for a long time.
    I am newbie here so forgive me if I ask silly question, as you mentioned that these parts can be ordered from VNSmedia and I believe that it is the same website (based in poland), I searched throug the whol website and found no information about the parts required to make Fbas, could you please advise what part number to look for.

  5. kris.2010 Member

  6. Humayun Chughtai New Member

    Thanks for all your help...really appreciated
  7. Humayun Chughtai New Member

    They don't supply kit or parts, unit has to be sent to them, see the reply from mark when I ask for the parts,

    "We can attach FBAS in our company headquaters if the unit is sent to us, it costs 75 euro netto + shipment back to You"
  8. kris.2010 Member

    I'm sorry,
    I forgot to tell Mark about my idea

    we start to work from 7 May

    write again

  9. gavin_tully New Member

    That brilliant i can't wait to get this, I assume it will come with a short instruction as to where everything goes.

    So many extra Mods I can do now.:)
  10. kris.2010 Member

    It is set only for professionals,

    You get all the parts , described
    picture with the description - this is what you see in the forum

    Nothing more!!

    The warranty is only for the workshop

    If you do not have experience, install it in the workshop.

    do not buy kit if you dont have experience!
    the risk is only on your side.

    I am writing this because I do not get online help if you do something wrong.......

    Electronic man with this picture do the work in 1 hour

    I know the good services

    Join to this list if you can help!!!!

  11. crostonblue Member

    Hi all,

    Is this kit available and if so where can we order it from?

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