Another RNS-E 193G Euro to US conversion success story!

Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by bitnaut, Sep 20, 2011.

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    You're getting mixed up between SW versions for the 192 units and the 193 units - which are entirely different. See

    AFAIK there have been only 3 software versions on map DVDs for the 193 units (0210 has appeared on new factory fitted units):
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  2. evolution2147 New Member

    So what do i need do change the software? It seems like I already have the latest map with latest software but the unit wont take it.
  3. evolution2147 New Member

    Ok well for anyone following (probably none) i finally figured it out. the software was showing 0070 and would not load the 2011 maps. I pulled the update files off the dvd and put them on a cd and it took the update right away. it now shows software index of 0200 and loads the 2011 maps right away.
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  4. bitnaut Member

    Just in time for you to buy the new 2013 maps :)
  5. evolution2147 New Member

    When do they usually release them?
  6. bitnaut Member

    Already released: Audi part number 8P0 060 884 BJ
  7. evolution2147 New Member

    Any software updates?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Added to the Part Numbers list, details on SW version numbers for the pre-2010 and 2010+ RNS-E needed...
  8. Nerukas New Member

    Heh, there is somebody who is following the thread..
    So you managed to do a 100% flash for your european RNSE-PU unit?
    Does the System SW Index show some numbers or X-- after your update?
  9. rabbit Member

    This topic is allready old but .....just want to know if somebody really could convert a US 193 unit to EU??
    I have a US TT unit 193 and want to convert it to EU.
    Thx a lot for sharing you intelligence.
  10. waiapasi2006 New Member

    That is good that works.
    I had a lot of help here to get mine going(old version)
    Soon enough i will step it up to the new version. How about VIM?
    Did you try to get one to stick also?
    I will pay attention to this to see how it progress in the near future.

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