Another RNS-E 193G Euro to US conversion success story!

Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by bitnaut, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. bitnaut Member

    I've been following all the discussions of converting the new 2011 RNS-E's from Euro to US software hoping to do the same to a cheap RNS-E 193G that I purchased on ebay from Europe for my 2008 A3.

    After receiving my unit from Europe, I unplugged my old 193 (yes, the last version of the low res screen models), switched it with the new 193G and put in the supplied PIN code. High res happiness and only a 2 minute install...nice :)

    One caveat is make sure your battery is plugged into a battery charger. I played so much with the new unit while the ignition was off that I ran down the battery to the point where I couldn't start up the car and it caused a few low voltage warnings across several devices. Ooops :)

    I understand now how the process of conversion works for both the old and new units: basically you're tricking the unit into thinking it's reading a Euro compatible software update (if you're going from Euro to US) but really this hybrid/intermediate disk has US software with Euro version IDs. Once that hybrid disk has been loaded and the RNS-E updates, you are now free to use the US nav disks and software updates because once it reboots after the update, it now thinks it's a US unit.

    Starting with the 2009/2010 Nav disks, software for both old and new RNS-E's exist on the disk. The old software is the usual 650 Euro/260 US latest versions we are all familiar with but hiding in the 574/575 folders of the disks is the software for the newer 193x units: 574 for Euro discs and 575 for US discs.

    Now the files that need to be changed and their values that they need to be changed to, are dependent on your current Euro unit's version which you can find out in Engineering Mode->General->Version. Mine was as follows:

    SW: 0150
    HW: H06
    HU/Nav SW Version:5741020
    Boot: 574100B
    Audio: 5740022 021209

    Write down the SW, HU/Nav, and Audio numbers for your particular unit.

    To trick this unit into reading and loading US software, copy the following off of the US Nav disk as specified in Kuphoff's method (be sure your US disc has the 575 folder otherwise it's too old for our purposes) onto your hard drive somewhere so you can find them easily:

    1. Sub-folder 575 (including LDM.BIN)
    2. 00.VNS
    3. 575INDEX.TXT
    4. A5750017.MOT
    5. INDEX.TXT

    Now all I modified in the 575INDEX.TXT file was to make sure the SOFIDX was at least 10 higher than the SW (you did write down this number from Engineering Mode right?). This forces the RNS-E to think the software is newer than the current software. In my case, the 575INDEX.TXT from the latest 2010/2011 US disk already had a SOFIDX of 200 so no need to change it.

    Next, change NAVVER to match your HU/Nav SW Version. This is the part that tricks the RNS-E into thinking this software is the Euro version. Do the same for the AUDVER to match Audio but only the first 7 digits need to be copied. So, my hybrid disk's 575INDEX.TXT looks like:

    SOFIDX: 0200
    NAVVER: 5741020
    AUDVER: 5740022

    Now, using a hex editor of your choice (I used 0xED on my Mac), modify 00.VNS and change any V575 numbers you find to V574. Again, this is telling the RNS-E that this is Euro software.

    Next, modify LOADING.KWI with a hex editor and change any V575 numbers to V574 again.

    Next, modify the LDM.BIN file with a hex editor in your 575 folder and change the V5740001 near the beginning of the file to V5740000.

    Now, as in the Kuphoff method:

    - burn these 6 files onto a CD-R using the slowest recording speed that's allowed on your system.

    - use VAG-COM cable and go to the Navigation control module and set adaptation Channel 97 to 1 and exit the software. This forces the RNS-E to to take the update no matter whether the software is newer or older than the one currently loaded on the RNS-E.

    - insert the CD-R you created above and it should say that it is performing a software update. When the progress bar hits 100%, the RNS-E will reboot and do another software update but with a different looking screen.

    - once it's done all of its updating, you can now insert your full US Nav disk and everything should work! QED

    You can check that everything updated properly by going back into Engineering Mode and verify that it now thinks it's a US RNS-E by verifying that HW/Nav and Audio versions start with V575 and the top line says RNS-E PU US.

    I'm sure going from US to Euro software would be a variant of this method.

    My next project is figuring out how to get that sweet backup camera with trajectory lines working with this new 193G! :) (oh and maybe adding the AMI interface too)
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Make that 650 Euro/260 US.

    The latest Audi delivered Euro SW is 0650.
  3. bitnaut Member

    Right! Thanks Dave. I've updated the text now.

    Oh and speaking of looks like Audi has unified the version numbers for the newer 193x units. Both are at version 200 and the only thing that distinguishes Euro from US now is the 574/575 folders that I mentioned in the text. They still have different functionality (eg. SDS) but at least now their versioning is consistent.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Thanks for re-iterating that, it's been posted before.
  4. Marc_S3 New Member

    Hi there, i've just finalize to convert my EU 193 RNSE to US spec.
    Now The unit can readbte US maps 2009-2010 and seems to be working fine, but I've noticed an issue on sw index, and apperars SW: X--

    Also, I try to update with maps US 2010-2011, and after 10 min the unit is able to read the maps, but no update is performed. Also, if this maps are ejected and load again, must wait around 10min to be working.
    With 2009-2010 maps works inmediattely.

    Anyone knows how to fix this SW: X-- issue, and/or return to Eu spec?

    Thanks in advance
  5. bitnaut Member

    Since the unit does not know what version it is, you have to force the update by setting adaptation 97 to 1 with VAGCOM and then inserting the US map disk.

    As to why it takes 10 min to read the disc, are you using original disks or burned disks? Original disks are much easier on the RNS-E laser than burned ones.
  6. iamshayan New Member

    I purchased a 193B EU spec. and it came with a Pin that I used when I first installed it while it was still EU.
    now after converting the unit to NA it will not accept my pin or eject this disc without using vcds. I dont know what to do. any input would be greatly appreciated.
  7. bitnaut Member

    Bring your car to Audi dealership. They can get the correct pin code for you.
  8. iamshayan New Member

    this is an EU unit and I am in canada. The dealership wants $65 to do it and can not confirm that they will even be able to get the code.
    they can confirm also that I have to pay even if they can't find it.
  9. bitnaut Member

    Well I don't know of any other way. When I converted my EU unit to US, I had no problem entering the given PIN code whether it was in EU or US mode so are you sure you've done everything correctly in terms of the install and coding?
  10. iamshayan New Member

    I used the same disc that a local forum member had successfully used on his unit with the same SW#.
    even if something was different I dont understand why it won't accept the pin.
    I cant do anything further than try to enter the pin or wait for it to get out of safe mode.
    Is there any way to restore the previous version and try updating again?
  11. bitnaut Member

    Like I said, I have no idea since I haven't encountered this problem before.
  12. iamshayan New Member

    seems like this is everyone's answer at this point. I suppose I will just search for another unit and return this one...
    thanks anyways!
  13. Christoph1980 New Member

    Hey Guys, i will get my US TT on Friday, and i have to convert the 193 G to EU specs. Would this procedure work also from US to EU?
  14. bitnaut Member

    It should if you put in the correct numbers in the appropriate places but I haven't tested it myself.
  15. Nerukas New Member

    Actually latest Euro software version for 193 units is 200 and not 650 like for older 192 units ;)
  16. Nerukas New Member

    The same problem for me using these guides.
    No matter which original USA DVD is inserted 2006 2007P 2007Q 2008-2009, 2011-2011 , its accepted readed but software downgrade doesnt start no matter the VCDS Navigation channel 97 is set to 1.
    Anyone has any thoughts?
  17. evolution2147 New Member

    Does your unit show 0200 as the software? I followed this but I cant get rid of my X-- software I just dont know if it is a big deal or not..
  18. Nerukas New Member

    Heh my friend, it seems that you have the unit already and its working fine right? :)))))))
    P.S. It might be that these instructions are not full. When i will have another order from USA for the converted unit, will let you know then.
    Reading all the threads i found one difference in all these instructions from original instruction..
  19. evolution2147 New Member

    I found a 09-10 map DVD which is supposed to have the same 0200 software. I figured id try it anyway to see what happens. I set downgrade bit in vag com and put the dvd in. It ran 2 software updates and then it said the system software index was 0070. I thought this was odd... I put the 2011 map dvd in and now it sits there for 10 minutes reading the disk before the maps show up. No update to 0200. Im pretty sure the software is the same because the interface looks the same. If I run the 09-10 maps it loads instantly. Only when i now run the new one it wont work.
    Does anyone how many software versions were released for these units?

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