Alright dudes... I need some help here. Advice? Maybe...

Discussion in 'Navigation units' started by Cincinnati Zach, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. Cincinnati Zach New Member

    I just got my second Audi, a beautiful 2006 S4 :D. All is good but I need some help with the stereo.

    I REALLY want bluetooth for my phone-My truck had it and it is an amazing convenience.

    Car does not have navigation, but it is equipped with the Bose/XM system.

    Does it have built in bluetooth? If so how do I pair my iPhone to car?

    If it does not have built in bluetooth, what can I get to make this happen?

    Should I buy an RNS-E Nav unit (from say eBay), and fully integrate everything? Are there any aftermarket kits that get the same job done, from say Crutchfield (that use all of the cars built in buttons, like on the steering wheel)? Any other recommendations as to where I should buy anything afermarket?

    Obviously all of these things are commodities, but so is an S4...

    Thanks for your help!!

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