Air Vents blow out hot air

Discussion in 'C6 platform' started by silversurferman, May 13, 2011.

  1. silversurferman New Member

    I have a 56 plate A6 2.0tdi sline and every so often the outer vents and the ones in the back start blowing out hot air, even though the temerature is set on cool
    the middle vents are ok and stick to the temerature showing
    can anyone advise as i dont want to take it to Audi who will charge a fortune and change the wrong things.......
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  3. Cockney Boy Member

    I had this problem and it will be the inlet valve unit that allows the hot feed and air con into the car. It's a small twin pot valve unit with two hoses on it. It's located under the plastic trim by the wiper motor on the passenger side. It takes 10 minutes to change, but it will cost you about £190.00 from Audi
  4. silversurferman New Member

    thanks for your help
  5. Cruiser New Member

    Hi i have about the same problem, but for me it is only on the passenger outerside and on the windshield it starts to blow hot air with full power on the fan, on the driver side and in the middle it try to compensate with blowing cold air.
    Can it be the same valve problem?
    Does anyone know what the OEM number is for this valve unit?

    Sorry for my english but i hope you understand (i am Swedish)
  6. JanA6 New Member

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Holy thread resurrection!
    The previous post was nearly 4 years ago...

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