Aftermarket in dash gps, are adapters / harnesses needed and where to get online

Discussion in 'Aftermarket' started by gideon, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. gideon New Member

    Aftermark in dash gps, are adapters / harnesses needed and where to get online

    Looking at the double din Kenwood DNX9960
    I pretty sure I'll loose the DIS info
    But will gain tighter ipod integration, bluetooth, touchscreen and an easy VIM hack, ground the parking brake wire (from the radio)

    I've been finding it very tough to get someone to do the VIM hack for the RNS-E (now that I have a deitz 1417 video adapter)

    Retail at crutchfield 1800
    I see them on ebay for 1400

    I dont have a bose

    My questions are will I need harnesses? My intution is yes
    I dont want to do any splicing or cutting of the factory wires, So I could plug my rns-e back in whenever

    Where should I get (online)?
    Can others whove gone thru this point me in the right direction

    Will I need any type of brackets to mount?

    I also assume I can keep the mfsw and connect to the existing gps fakra antenna

    Crutchfield and other's wont want to be too helpful if I dont get the head unit from them

    I know some other's mentioned the pioneer units too
    See these threads Forums: what's the best non rns-e double din radio option these days with nav, iphone and video integration Manuals/DNX9960 - Owners Manual.pdf
    Kenwood DNX 9960 Install. Awesome Navigation Unit
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    What radio did your car have before?

    If it was a series II radio then your car will have mini-ISO connectors and you MAY get away without needing a wiring adapter.

    If it was a Series II+ radio or an RNS-E then your car will have a Quadlock and you WILL need a wiring adapter.

    Unless the unit you buy has a CAN bus connection, you willprobably need a CAN interface to generate e.g. ignition power, lights on, speed signal, etc.

    You will definitely need some kind of antenna adapter, at least to provide the 12V to the integrated antenna amplifiers and possibly to convert from Fakra connector to "normal" car radio connector.

    You need some kind of dash adapter since the Audi units are double DIN chassis but have a larger faceplate.
  3. gideon New Member

    Great info, Thank you so much Dave

    Great place to start

    I did retrofit the rns-e (got from Haaggie), it removed something from the trunk and it had cds, i think it may have been gps RNS-D ?

    I dont know if Series II (plus or not), but will dig up some pictures and info I have

    I realized the faceplate is diff and larger than the double din actual size

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    That's a Symphony II radio.

    And it looks like a BNS4.0 unit to me - do you have some sat nav controls down by the handbrake?
  4. gideon New Member

    Yes, there are sat nav controls by handbrake

    Dave, would you or others be interested in doing the VIM hack for me, I'll pay you handsomely and bestow health and fortune on your lineage
    That goes for everyone else on this forum too, I pinged nsxjr, haaggie and proxus but they never got back

    I just dont have the time, or vag tools to do learn or do it myself, I see ppl have gone thru some struggles doing it themselves

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Count me out - I've never done the VIM hack.

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