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Discussion in 'MMI' started by pboyle8, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. pboyle8 New Member

    I am a brand new Audi A6 owner havinh just purchased a used 2007 A6. While it has the NAV buttons, it apparently doesn't have the control box. Is this something I can add? If so, besides the dealer who will likely charge me an arm and a leg, where do I start. Thanks for any input.

    P.S. Also, this may seem like a dumb question, but what is the difference between MMI & Nav+?
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    The MMI has the controls around the shifter, the Navigation Plus is just an all in one unit that replaces the radio. Since you have an 2007 A6, you have some sort of MMI. Unfortuntely there are several kinds of MMI (Basic, Basic Plus and the real full blown MMI) so that's another thing to figure out. for now I'm just moving this to the MMI forum where it belongs.
  3. dnay New Member

    Do you have a colour or monochrome (red) display screen? if its the colour one you have MMI high. to get nav, you need to purchase the navigation DVD unit which fits in the rack on the LHS in the boot (trunk). you will also need a GPS Antenna, a wiring kit and some fibre optic cables to link the unit into the MOST.

    Kits are available which will give you all the hardware you need. Its definately possible to do this at home with basic knowledge and skills, (I managed it) but there are independants out there who could supply and fit for a fraction of what your dealer would charge. thats assuming your dealer doesnt stick to the " you can only have navigation fitted at the factory" like they do for most things!

    Ive got the installation guide on a PDF. PM me with your email address and you can can take a look at whats involved and decide if you are up for it DIY.
  4. pboyle8 New Member

    Thanks for the information. The screen between the speedometer and tach is red only. The main MMI screen is color. I hope that is not bad news. I did see the rack in the back of the car. So, what does that all mean?
  5. dnay New Member

    good news! The red screen between the dials is the DIS (driver information system). This can be red or full colour, it makes no difference to wether you can install Nav or not. In addition to the map info on the main MMI screen, once Nav is installed you will get graphical directions shown on the DIS (arrows and distance countdowns etc). I suppose they'd look better in colour but it all works fine with the plain red DIS.
    Important thing is that the MMI screen is full colour. You can therefore install the DVD navigation system.

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