Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Retrofit on A6

Discussion in 'MMI' started by ajax, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. ajax Member

    Hi all,

    after a long time of hesitation, I have decided to go and try to retrofit the ACC to my 2005 A6. I know there are at least two other members of this forum who are somewhere in the process of doing this.

    Now, my knowledge of the whole issue is somewhat limited as I don't have access to any literature covering this and am relying purely on ETKA/ELSA and the knowledge of all the people on this forum.

    I am going to put down my achievements and some assumptions as I go along with this project and would be really grateful if other members (especially with those with enough experience and knowledge) would share their comments and help where they can. There is no way I can do this on my own, without your help :).

    So, till now, I have got together the following parts:

    4F0 907 561 A - ACC radar with control unit - 45 EUR from ebay
    4E0 953 521 A - the ACC-capable GRA stalk - 130 EUR from ebay (together with the canceling ring, the wiper stalk, light stalk and steering column control unit)
    4F0 920 931 P - Colour DIS ACC-capable instrument cluster - 500 EUR from Craigyb

    I will still need the following parts:

    4F0 614 517 J - ABS control unit
    4F0 807 111 C - front reinforcement bar, behind the grill
    4F0 XXX XXX X - the front grill with radar window (not sure about PN, no access to ETKA now)
    Some brake thrust sensors and brake hoses - not sure about that yet - any help from anybody?
    The wiring harness for the radar - probably most difficult as it may have to be custom-made - any suggestions anybody?

    Still early stages for the project but I am hoping that I'm at least on the right track.

    Will be looking forward to your comments.

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  3. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Yes you are certainly on the right direction and the front grill PN shoud be
    4E0 853 651 AD 1QP if your car is a quattro+6-8 cyl.
    Have you seen in my thread about the brake-sensors here:
    The wiring harness is done by four wires not so complicated see my thread.
    I hope that your very old and cheap Radar Sensor will be working.
    If you have any question I'm here.
    Good luck
  4. ajax Member

    Hi a4ss4abt,

    thanks very much! In fact it was your achievement with the ACC on A8 that convinced me to go ahead with this project. I was put off previously by people telling me about cluster exchanges, ABS and other stuff. But I guess it all just sounds more complicated than it is.

    I would certainly appreciate some help on some of the things:

    1. The harness - did you make that yourself or had it made elsewhere? Is it the same for the A8 and the A6? Do you remember the parts needed?

    2. The whole brakes issue still scares me. How difficult do you think that will be? I have never seen the braking system in my car and am somewhat afraid to even look :). I am hoping that if I take the car to my regular garage and tell the guys there what to do they will do it for me. Do you know anything more about that?

    3. I am somehow under the impression that I will have to replace the main head unit. Is that correct? My car is one of the first made (July 2004) and I know that certain retrofits (like rear-view camera) required a HU swap.

    Thanks for your help

  5. craigyb Active Member

    I doubt that a HU swap will be required, the ACC has been available since 2003 and should be in the SW already. HU swaps have only been required for crs requiring video so a new HU with Fbas is needed.

    The can gateway controller has to be swapped on cars prior to 2006 that require camera.
  6. ajax Member

    OK, I am assuming that the CAN Gateway and the HU are not one and the same. Will I need to swap the Gateway then??

  7. craigyb Active Member

    No you should not have to, easy way to check is use VAG COM and see if it is an option in the installation list.
  8. kka New Member

    I guess I'm one of them :)

    The brake-part (which I'm going to hand over to a professional Audi-technician) will require this, apart from the ABS-controller (the 2007-models and forward doesn't require ABS-controller replacement):

    4F0 614 723 A, Bremsrohr von Hydraulikanlage zum Verteiler, links, EUR 18,45
    4F0 614 771 M, Bremsrohr vom Verteiler zum Bremsschlauch, links, EUR 33,80
    4F0 614 724 A, Bremsrohr von Hydraulikanlage zum Verteiler, rechts, EUR 18,45
    4F0 614 772 M, Bremsrohr vom Verteiler zum Bremsschlauch, rechts, EUR 33,80
    4F0 611 755 L, Verteiler fuer Bremsrohr, EUR 12,85
    4F0 611 797 A, Halter, EUR 3,65
    2x 4F0 907 597 A, Drucksensor, 1 pcs. EUR 58,90
    2x 4B0 972 883 A, Flachkontaktgehaeuse mit Kontaktverriegelung, 1 pcs. EUR 1,50

    Prices are German without VAT/MWST.

    I'm planning on doing the wiring myself, it is not /that/ complicated.

  9. ajax Member

    Thanks KKA, that is very helpful and saves me the searching.

    Do you happen to know which ABS controller will be needed? From the quick look in ETKA I guess it is 4F0 614 517 J. But the price is hefty - around 1500 EUR. Any good source for this part except ebay? They're not exactly common there.

    Can you provide any more info on the harness? It sounds easy but still I haven't got the faintest idea about what's needed, what cable lengths, etc.

    I am hoping that I will be able to do the retrofit in steps and the car will still work after I get the braking parts in, for example. Ideally, when all the parts are in, I'll have the car coded and ACC will start working then :)

    Thanks to all who've helped so far.

  10. ajax Member

    Anybody knowledgeable enough, could you please check the following two part numbers and see if they could be used in a 2005 A6 3.0 TDI quattro for retrofitting the ACC?

    4F0 910 517 AC
    4F0 910 517 AA

    They are both ABS control units. From what I can see in ETKA, they should be ok - the AC one is from a 2007 car and according to some of you, 2007 models already have the ABS unit that is needed for ACC. The AA version is an earlier iteration but may not be correct. I cannot tell.

  11. a4ss4abt Active Member

    No as you can see in the picture below anyone of those P.N is correct.
    The right PR to search for Adaptive Cruise Control is 8T4 and according with Etka are
    HW.4F0 614 517 H - SW.4F0 910 517 B
    HW.4F0 614 517 J - SW.4F0 910 517 C

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  12. ajax Member

    Right, so this would only leave PN 4F0 614 517 J in my case, as my car is quattro. Argh! That's just so bad. I can't find that one part anywhere! :-(

    Does anybody know of a good source?

  13. ajax Member

    So, I have had my instrument cluster exchanged (again :) ). I had it changed previously because I wanted Colour DIS. Now I got a new ACC-capable cluster from Craigyb (thanks much Craig). A bit of trouble with the mileage - apparently when they fit a new cluster in, it just reads the mileage from the old one and sets that as default for the new cluster. My old cluster was already a replacement and the mileage was all wrong. So they had to set the mileage via "alternative means" :)

    The good side effect of the cluster change is that it now displays the current speed on the DIS. Someone suggested to me earlier that some other control unit is required for this but looks like that's not the case.

    I had the stalks cluster exchanged for one that included the ACC GRA stalk. The indicator light stalk feels much softer than my original one.

    I have found two dealerships in the US that will sell the ABS control unit for around 1700 USD, which is 65% of the price here, so I might just go for that.

    I will have the brakes done shortly after I get the ABS unit.

    I am still looking for the radar wiring harness. Can anyone make this? I'd definitely want to buy one.

    That's as far as I got till now.

    Will keep you posted.

  14. darek70 Member

    Not exactly. Since 2007 y. in A6 quattro is only one ABS unit 4F0 614 517 AC with software 4F0 910 517 AD. It is the same for audi with ACC and without ACC.
  15. ajax Member

    I was looking at the wiring diagram for the ACC in A6 and it looks to be a little bit different to that in A8. Definitely seems more than 4 wires to me. Can anybody help me decipher this? All the individual wires and where they need to go? I guess then I might be able to make the harness myself.

    I only have a poor picture taken with a camera as I have Elsa on another computer but if you have Elsa just check the diagrams there.

    Thanks for any help.

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  16. Q7US_S-line Member

  17. darek70 Member

    Connection is very simple:
    Pin8 - Power
    Pin7 - Sensor heater ???
    Pin6 - N.C.
    Pin5 - N.C.
    Pin4 - N.C.
    Pin3 - Can Bus Low - to Gateway - pin 13
    Pin2 - Can Bus High - to Gateway - pin 12
    Pin1 - GND

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  18. ajax Member

    Thanks darek ... fair enough, so it isn't that complex after all - it is just confusing with all the bits that were cut out in 2004-2005. What still concerns me is the sensor heater. I know there is a mention of this on the A8 diagram but this was also canceled sometime in 2005. Does anyone know what the sensor heater is? I can't find anything like it in ETKA.

  19. Q7US_S-line Member

    Please check in ETKA 4F1971095C - I think the sensor No.7 is that you need, but I can't find the PN:-(
  20. dalep New Member

    Hi, That part has nothing to do with the ACC controller at all.

    The heater circuit is not used so there are ONLY 4 connections to the ACC controller

    + 12V
    E-Can Hi
    E-Can Lo

    Also, when connecting to the gateway, the ACC is the only device that uses the E-Can network so there will not be any pin connections inside the connector housing.

  21. craigyb Active Member

    Dale, did you manage your ACC upgrade then, did you get a new cluster?

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