A8 D4 Advanced Key retrofit

Discussion in 'D4 platform' started by djlex, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. djlex Member


    I made a confusion. I double checked and the connector i thought was for the door sensor, was actually for the door handle illumination. So, no keyless entry on my car. Yet ! :)

    I also looked up in Elsa, and found out everything there is to be done.
    Beside what my colleague said, if you want to open the trunk too, you will need 2 extra antennas in the trunk, and a sensor + sensor liner on the trunk bonnet.

    Then, you need to wire the door handles and antennas.
    The door handle needs a ground which can be taken from the 20 pin connector on the door controller module, and another wire which needs to be routed to the J393 module in the trunk. All 4 doors the same.
    Then, the antennas in the rear doors, also need to be wired to the J393.

    Quite a job, since you will need to dismantle the trim from the A and B pillars, and to get the wires in the trunk compartment.

    For the trunk antennas, and sensor it's an easy job.

    Coding is quite simple as far as i can tell, and all you need is to code the 05 - Access and Start Authentication to recognize the Advanced Key option.
    J393 and door controller modules are the same with or without Keyless Entry.

    I'll let you know when i get it done.
    I ordered the supplementary parts today.

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  3. Levan New Member

    Hi, i`m installed Key less. For coding you must do parametrization your J393 on cars which have key less through online connect in dealer workshop. After you must install in your cars, do coding, adaptation keys and deactiv component protection.
  4. djlex Member

    Well, i can code the J393 offline too, since i have the coding explained in VCDS. About the key, i probably must program it for Advanced Key, but i don't understand what Component Protection i need to remove, since i will not replace any controller module in the car. Thanks.
  5. djlex Member

    So i finished the installation today. I tried with the coding from my father's car but without any luck. I
    Next week i'll go to the dealer and get access to vas. Unfortunately they don't know how to do it, so my friend who works there will let me access their vas. I'll have to do it myself, so if anyone, especially an audi technician can help me, i'll appreciate it. I'm not exactely familiar with this online s**t, and i hope i can still do it the old vas way, which asked "does your car have this and that"? :))
    Thank you.
  6. djlex Member

    My issue is still up! Anyone can help me yet? Hardware part done, but i don't know the code for the modules.
  7. dannyfu New Member

    OH MY GOD ,it is a long time , are you need help now ?
  8. djlex Member

    Yes, I still need help. I could no code the module ...
  9. dannyfu New Member

    what is your J393 part number ?4h0907064 BR OR CR ?
  10. nickysthlm Member

    I've done it on a C7 A6 which has same electronics as the D4 - there are only two ways to do it - 1. move your BCM into a car that has KESSY from factory - parametrise it using VAS there then put it back - and then put it back in yours. The other way is to get ahold of a used BCM from a car that had KESSY fom factory and install it in your car. Both paths involve really good knowledge and understandin of the audi electronics and diagnostics systems - and ofcourse unlimited access to VAS diagnostic system with online connection and GECKO login...

    Please don't ask how to do it exactly - as I said you heve to know exactly what you are doing - I've been working with this professionally since 2005 and it took me 3 BCM units to succeed with KESSY retrofit - first and second are lying on a shelf with no firmware in them ;)
  11. djlex Member

    My unit ends with AB.

    I tried to install a unit that came from a car that had kessy (SH unit), but it went in component protection, and VAS "saw" that the VIN from the car was not the same with the one of the BCM, so it started to make parametrisation according to my car's VIN, which was WITHOUT KESSY.

    Trust me I know very well what I am doing. I spent dozens of hours in the Audi shop, with as much access to licensed VAS and Geko as anyone can get.

    I did both ways you stated here.
    Now I have on the car a new BCM, which had no data on it, and it was parametrised with my car's VIN.
    I copied the coding from my father's car which has KESSY, and still it doesn't work, even though the BCM accepts the coding.

    So, how have you done it?
    In my opinion, if you put a SH BCM on your car, you will have to remove CP, code the IMMO, and all the rest ONLINE - which will only be coded with your car's VIN.
    Unless you have a way to code it OFFLINE, I don't understand how you have made it.

    Of course maybe you are a great hacker and you have managed to manually flash the data to your BCM.

    Thank you.
  12. djlex Member

    I forgot to mention, that even if I am not a certified audi technician, I have successfully completed a lot of retrofits to my audi cars ('96 A8, 2004 A8L, 2007 Q7, and presently 2010 A8). I do all the work myself, I am in possession of licensed VCDS, VAS, I have latest versions of ETKA and ELSAWIN.
    I also did the hardware installation of the KESSY system to my car alone. So, I guess I understand pretty well the audi electronics and diagnostic systems.
    More than that, the audi shop in my town, occasionally call me when they run in trouble with some BCM's.

    I therefore would appreciate if you can offer me some help. I am also willing to pay for your time, in order to succeed this retrofit. I have spent a ton of euros in both hardware and software for this, and I can't stand it to have all the wiring and system components on the car, and still no KESSY.

  13. nickysthlm Member

    Bogdan - I was not trying to offend you but reading your earlier post "More specific, what and where to connect, how many wires, what type of connectors, etc. I plan to do first, only the front doors, and if everything works, i'll do the back later." I got an impression that you were a "happy amateur" - nothing wrong with that at all - I started as one myself - back in 2006 I went to Audi Stockholm with my A2 and wanted to have RNS-d installed - they said it was impossible ;) After a few weeks I came back to them and demonstrated my A2 with RNS-e installed :) Today Audi Stockholm is one of my biggest customers :D

    I sent you a message on how I did it - I know my competitors here in Sweden are reading this forum so sorry I don't want to make it public...
  14. djlex Member

    Yes I imagine you don't want to make it public. I will continue in private. Thank you very much.

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