A8 D4 Advanced Key retrofit

Discussion in 'D4 platform' started by djlex, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. djlex Member


    Anyone has the resources needed (schamatics, part numbers, etc) to retrofit advanced key to a D4 A8? It has keyless go, but without advanced key. So, start the engine without key, but get in the car WITH the key. Nasty, right?

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  3. Paul H Member

    I'm looking into this too.
    You'll need the 4 door handles and two extra anenna's and wiring of course, I only need to find out coding of BCM
  4. neo_andersson Member

    There is no coding required, you will need 4 antennas, 4 door handles or at least the driver's door handle and the required cables and connectors.

    The installation is pretty hard as you will have to take out all the door trims and move some wires thru the pillars.

    Ive done this for an 2006 A8 including the Engine Start button and i can advice you to go to a specialized garage if you have no experience dismantling your car.
  5. a8 tech Member

    are you sure there is no code changes as d4 is a complete new platform with completely different topology to to d3
  6. djlex Member

    I am aware i will need the door handles, but i am more interested in the wiring. More specific, what and where to connect, how many wires, what type of connectors, etc.
    I plan to do first, only the front doors, and if everything works, i'll do the back later.
    My elsa, and etka are out of date, and therefore i have no resources regarding the D4.
  7. Paul H Member

    The new D4 allready has the two interior antennas (for the standard keyless go) so the only two that are needed extra are the two in the rear door's and the the 4 door handles.
    I checked the part number of the BCM and that part is the same with or without kessy I have a few new D4 's in my range so I'm comparing the codings with each other.
    Is the new VCDS label file available? i haven't checked it yet
  8. djlex Member

    So you say that for the front doors to work all i need is the handles and the wiring?
    I have the licensed VCDS, latest version, and there is n label file available yet.
    I just ordered VAS a few days ago, and i'll check if there are more options available in this software.
    Can you help me with the door handle part numbers?
    If i'm not wrong, the door handles are much like the q7, therefore the wiring should be similar. There is no separate micro switch and so, like for the D3.
    The sad thing is that the door handle illumination is no longer available.
    It was a sweet option. :lol:
  9. a8 tech Member

    if you have ordered vas with a cloned head it will not read most of the controllers for D4 as they use uds protocol and only oem 5054a heads will switch to uds also remember flexray is now present on d4
    Trust me I learnt the hard way and now have oem head tried and tested with vas v 18
    But also the coding info and adaptions are limited as the bem is coded by svm so you need to spend time working each byte using vcds long code
    It will be some time before rosstech publish label files or long code helper info
    the latest elsa win shows all the d4 cfd's
  10. djlex Member

    What is the latest elsawin? I plan to buy version 8.x form ebay. Is it good?
    Regarding VAS, i suppose it is cloned. I didn't find any official site providing it with license. Anyway, i bought it from ebay :). I need it most for my D3 & Q7, but it won't harm if i can use it with the d4 too.
    I'll check when it comes.
  11. a8 tech Member

    elsa 3.81, use the usb instead of the bluetooth if its a clone because the clone bt is dog poo

    there will be a license key fix and make sure you run it on xp sp2 with the correct java

    this is the best forum to use for elsa and vas VAS 5054A
  12. djlex Member

    Yes, i will use the USB. The bluetooth is slower even with oem head. I have a 8.9" Acer with xp. This is the computer i use for all the service software.

    Thank you for your advice.

    Still waiting for the p/n if someone can help me.
  13. Paul H Member

    I have the part numbers, I'll post them for you
  14. Paul H Member

    extra antenna in rear doors R200/R2001 2x 8K0907247
    sensors in doorhandle 4x 4g8927753
    doorhandle with chrome L unpainted 2x 4H0837205 B GRU
    doorhandle with chrome R unpainted 2x 4H0837206 B GRU
    cover for lockcilinder chrome (driver side) 4H1837879B GRU
    cover panel chrome (passenger side) 4H0837880B GRU
    cover panel chrome (left rear) 4H0837879B GRU
    cover panel chrome (right rear) 4H0837880B GRU
  15. djlex Member

    Thank you very much.
    How about the wiring? I think i must run some wire between the door handle and door controler. I haven't received the elsa yet, so no resource.
    Why do you say i need chrome door handles? I now have ones without chrome.

  16. Paul H Member

    according to my info the keyless entry door handles are always with the chrome cover
  17. djlex Member

    Ok then. I haven't seen a D4 with kessy so i don't know. You might be right. I will order these parts and as soon as i get my hands on elsa 3.8 i'll look into the installation. Keep you posted.
  18. Paul H Member

    i allready have one sensor ,the two antennas and schematics. i'm going to test it next week.
    I'm confident in getting it to work, the hardest part is getting the coding and adaptation worked out since there is nothing known about this in VCDS
  19. djlex Member

    If you get it to work, please let me know. Maybe you can e-mail me the schematics, if it works?
    Thank you.
  20. mickymix Member

    I've a C7 A6 and I'm interested in adding Advanced Key (not just Keyless Go) as you are (were) trying on A8...

    Since the handles are exactly the same, I wonder if you or anyone else succedeed in retrofitting this feature or not... The thread seems abandoned since last year...

    Also, beside the fact that CHROME does not mean I cannot paint the handles (and this would be great, I do not like CHROME handles too much), I wonder if the information about the fact that the door handle illumination has been confirmed or not...

    From the ETKA information I can see, it does not seem the two options are not compatible, but it may be me not able to correctly understand...

    Anyone ?
  21. djlex Member

    So, i ordered just 2 handles and sensors (for the front), and when i started to remove the trim , after getting it done, SURPRISE: my door handles already had the sensor inside, wired and connected.
    At first, i thought it was a coding problem, and therefore, copied the codes for 05-Access/Start Auth and door controllers, from my father's 2011 A8 which has Keyless Entry&Go installed from factory.
    No luck with that. 05 Module produced 1 fault, after performing the output tests for the door contact sensors - "Door handle contact sensor : open or short to plus".

    Did your install work?

    As far as i've heard, the key fob also needs to be replaced (as it is not and "advanced" fob), or at least reprogrammed, which of course Audi dealer will not do, since my VIN does not come with Keyless Entry.

    Cam you help me with the coding needed for it to work?

    Any help appreciated.

    And as a bonus, after removing the trim, and checking the connector of the sensor inside my original handle with the sensor i bought, i lost the door handle illumination for the driver's and bith rear doors. Now only the passenger's door handle illuminates. The others don't even light when output test is performed.

    Any kind of help appreciated.

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