A8 D3 - The Mother of All Retrofits :)

Discussion in 'D3 platform' started by Silkworm, Sep 2, 2014.

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    Hi Folks,

    I own an Audi A8 D3. I love this car; it has some great features (such as rear air con, rear power seats and so on) that I have rarely seen in other cars of this type, at least nearby.
    However, it lacks some features that I had in my previous car - A6 4F: kessy, TV tuner, telephone and BOSE sound.

    I recently bought a crashed A8 which had all these and more, including ACC and sunroof (drool - I am thinking to recover it - I saw one mounted on another car, the owner changed the entire roof for that and now it looks factory-fitted... but that's another story).

    I want to remove the aforementioned systems (kessy, TV, telephone, ACC, BOSE sound and interior lighting) and do a major retrofit on my car.

    I already disassembled the whole car apart (the one that I recently bought) and carefully removed each element. Now I only have to remove the wire harnesses and make my own schematics so I know where each element will go (unfortunately I couldn't find instructions for each retrofit that I want to do).

    I have some experience - I already retrofitted BOSE sound on an A6 4B. Normally, I should install each system and see if it works, then go to the next one.

    But my concern is this: a retrofit of this complexity requires transfer of many parts from one car to another, and most of them will have component protection, which, being so many, will be kind of expensive to remove at the dealer. And since I will have to replace many controllers (including Instrument Cluster), the other car will also need many interior elements to be removed in a significant degree, including front seats, so maybe I should make the whole retrofit at once instead so I won't have to tear apart the car each time.

    Now comes the tricky questions:
    1) If I will replace all systems at once, then I suppose that all parts that are subject to CP will think that they are mounted on the same car they were being removed, right? I don't know where the CP information resides, but I suppose that since I will replace IC, HU, CAN Gateway and more, then CP won't kick in, at least not for as many parts.

    2) Since I will install kessy system and new IC, then, if I will keep the keys from the damaged car (kessy version) and change the driver's door lock and boot lid door lock, will everything work only with the immo recoded to the new engine ECU and without the other procedures that I want to get rid of (including learning new keys etc.)?

    Thank you very very much for your patience,
    Silkworm :)

    PS: in the attachment, you may see the list of controllers in both cars.

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