A8 4H0 Reversing Camera

Discussion in 'D4 platform' started by wanman, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. wanman Member

    I am almost there with this, camera and controller installed and 5F coded using hidden menu. No errors. However the "10" module is a Parkhilfe ACC module for which I don't have any coding info and currently I am not seeing any video from the camera. The module is 4H0 919 475 F current code is 100B02.

    Cheers in advance.
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  3. wanman Member

    OK, managed to solve this by looking at the label file for an A4 "10" module - reversing camera is bit 5 of byte 0 changing my code to 300B02. All works as it should. It's such a huge car reversing camera is absolutely essential!

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