A8 4E Radarsensor 4E0907561F

Discussion in 'Interior / Electrical / Multimedia' started by quantz, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. quantz Member

    I have for sale an A8 4E radarsensor for ACC 4E0 907 561 F, (SW: 4E0 910 561 F).
    Tested on my car and working fine. I bought two units when I did the single-frame facelifting.
    250 € + shipping.

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  3. Ridley Scott New Member

    Hi. Have you still got this for sale? If so how much to ship to the U.K. ?
  4. quantz Member

    Hi Ridley:

    Yes, I still have it.
    Shipping to U.K. is 30 euro, prioritary insured.

  5. Ridley Scott New Member

    Hi. Thanks for the quick reply. I am looking into doing the retrofit on my 2008 4.2 TDi A8 and I am getting some prices together. Just in the process of finding out weather or nor not I need a new gateway extender as I have the Rear Camera fitted also the same with the Dash. What condition is the Radar Unit?
  6. quantz Member

    It is used, but in good shape and working properly. I have tested it at the same time I did the retrofit. I bought two units by mistake.
  7. kim skålbones New Member

    do you still have your radar?
  8. kim skålbones New Member

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