A7 locking bleep confirmation

Discussion in 'Audi A7' started by craigyb, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. craigyb Active Member

    Something that has always bothered me when locking the car is "did I actually lock it". So I always enable the alarm beep notification, easy on older cars we have the information available, but not on the new A6/A7 and I guess A8.

    So I have had a play today and found the bit to change in the comfort module 46 to code for alarm beep locking notification.

    Byte 01, bit 02 toggles the notification on/off

    00 00 00 00 00

    would change to

    00 04 00 00 00
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  3. wanman Member

    Can confirm this works on 2011 A8

  4. taotsing New Member

    Do you have the anti theft alarm in the car ? I try to get the beep to work without ... so far no luck.

  5. stef4n New Member

  6. agatu New Member

    Guys, I tried to do it using VAS PC today at our local AUDI Dealer but it doesn't work! Did the same thing as per semei.de instruction, changed the bit from 1 to 2, I mean from 00001 to 00010, nothing... no beep confirmation when locking the car. Any ideas? Thank you so much!!!
  7. SocolW New Member

    Thanks for the link... I got same question as well.

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