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Discussion in 'Audi A7' started by wanman, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. wanman Member

    Seems like there is very little information on coding for the new A7/A8. As there seem to be more posts in the A7 forum I will start here although I am working on 2011 A8. I want to do 5 upgrades two which should be easy and two which will be a bit more challenging.

    Easy - Reversing Camera and TV - assuming it is pretty similar to any other 5F equipped car which I have done before.

    Hard - Night Vision, Speed Limit Display and Lane Departure Warning.

    Speed Limit - I have done a fair amount of research on this and am pretty sure that the car has all the prerequisites (image processing and on board camera) and the coding is correct and produces no errors.

    - 17 Instruments, Long Coding, Byte 05, Bit 2 on
    - 8E Image Processing, Long Coding, Byte 02, Bit 0 on
    - MMI Hidden Menu: car/cardevicelist, VZE on
    - MMI Hidden Menu: car/carmenuoperation, VZE => 5

    HOWEVER - all that is displayed is Speed Limit - "out of operational area". Almost like there is some enabling code required. I may try to take this to a friendly dealer and see what VAS has to say while steering clear of SVM.

    Night Vision although expensive looks like a simple camera, controller, dash and a replacement light switch - wiring is straightforward and I think I can get the dash installed and coded. I have the coding from a night vision equipped car so will accumulate the bits over the next few weeks. I managed to get the most expenisve part which is the camera of german Ebay. If anyone wants any coding info please let me know.

    Lane Departure Warning - this seems to use image processing and on board camera again plus replacement stalk and steering wheel. There seem to be very few cars with what is a brilliant safety feature and I am hope that it will be simply coding of the 5F (hidden menu enable LDW in device list and carmenuoperation), 8E, 85, 16 and 17.

    Any info or guidance would be apprecitated and I will report back as things progress.
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  3. taotsing New Member

    Hello wanman,

    I am looking to get the speed limit display to work as well - so far with no luck. I do have the ACC and lane assist as well (which means image processing capabilities and camera). I do actually get the same error.

    Hence I would be very interested to hear what your dealer says.


  4. stephane Member

    I think the solution is in adaptation of the module 8E (image processing). This module is locked with a secutiry code, does anybody have the security code for writing this module?
  5. mickymix Member

    Well, I have the same problem, but on the most recent A6 (C7) and if I get some info, I'll move quickly to the most useful forum area...
    I'll try the above coding on my setup too tomorrow, to check what happens, and I'll try to get some more info in your same way, if possible... :)

    Do you have any useful information I might need to know, in the meanwhile ? I have been able to get the Speed Signals on the map, but only the ones coded on the maps, not the one I meet on the road... :-(

    This interests me too much, but I guess that an instrument cluster change is needed and I really don't like this (did this on my previous car, but it seems to me to get the heart out of the car... I don't know why..).
    Anyway, it could be probably possible even without requiring the swap, so I'll dig on this quite soon. Do you have any useful news on this ?

    Well, I have this really useful feature on my car, and if there is anything you may need to know, just let me know.

    And yes, I have VCDS & VAS too, so, no problem, just ask...
  6. yesiamdc New Member

    Can you provie me the SW of the MMI 3G for the 2011 a7 im working on a few developments for it as we speak
  7. mickymix Member

    Hi wanman (finished moving ?),
    back to this thread which still need to be investigated from my side... Now I have some spare time (more or less) to be back and I've increased my overall knowledge on needed parts (and further retrofits too).

    In order...

    Reverse camera (RVC):
    I've stopped my initial project of retrofitting a rear view camera only, as I saw that the version with front camera is actually completely different and involves:
    - a different camera (digital vs analog),
    - a front camera (obviously !),
    - a different control module (located under the passenger seat, not anymore in the trunk),
    - possibly compatible with side cameras (if they are or will be present in the side mirrors...),
    - a completely different (and expensive !) wiring harness

    TV: this is on hold from my side... no news...

    Night Vision:
    since I thought of retrofitting ACC, I needed to swap the instrument cluster... I tried looking for the ACC + "Night Vision" version, not to change it too often... and I found one quite quickly... still have to retrofit, but it's ready to.
    I already have the light switch too (just like the additional knobs...) and I guess I just need to find the right priced camera...

    Lane Departure Warning:
    this was already present in my car, so I confirm the different stalk needed... but... since I'm looking for the ACC version of my stalk too, I noticed that, on 4G, a complete set is needed, as the single stalks cannot be changed or exchanged as in 4F... and this makes the research longer (or the need to accept the dealer price the only option...).
    I don't know if the vibration and/or the "counter-force" on the steering wheel really comes from the steering wheel or from other sources...

    Speed Limit Display:
    This is my next duty: investigate deeper the codings of the involved parts, as it seems there are not enough information around... do you have any useful update on this ?

    Just for your information: I've revised the list of my next retrofits and now I'm focused on: FRVC, Anti Theft Alarm, LED roof lights, Electric Trunk Door, ACC, Night Vision, Advanced Kessy, MMI 3G+ Online, Trunk cover lifter, rSAP Bluetooth and obviously SPEED LIMIT DISPLAY too... :)

    Any further information from anyone else would really be appreciated.
  8. mickymix Member

    I think this evening I made quite a nice discovery about VZE, and it was totally CASUAL...

    I hope you won't mind if I'll post the related information on C7 A6 forum, as that's the car where this happened (even if information sharing with A7 could help...).

    Have a look there then, after thread creation, I'll come back with the permalink, to update this post.
  9. DarkyUK New Member

    Hi, Did you manage with your reversing camera? I have fitted the camera and boot wiring today but stuck on the Can High and Low in the boot, bot sure what to do with the big pink connector block and the kufatec guide is not too clear.

    Also looking at the tv tuner but not sure about the antennae modules, does the window inclue all aerials and just need the module? Anyone got a pic of one in place?

    Cheers Andy

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