A6 driver's door unlocking on 2nd press on remote control

Discussion in 'C6 platform' started by tecman, Feb 20, 2013.

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    Long time no see.

    My car has developed weird issue recently and it is quite annoying one...

    When I press unlock button once - all doors will open except driver's ( right doors - uk model). When I press unlock again but from more than 3 meters distance - driver's doors won't open either.
    They only open when I press unlock button twice when very near to driver's doors. How bizzaire is that?

    I've scanned car with VAG and the only issue I found is this....

    ddress 42: Door Elect, Driver      Labels: 4F0-910-793-42.LBL
      Part No SW: 4F0 910 793 B    HW: 4F0 959 793 B
      Component: TSG FA          H11 0040
      Coding: 0003610
      Shop #: WSC 02327
    1 Fault Found:
    02115 - Locking Unit for Central Locking
                008 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent
                Freeze Frame:
                        Fault Status: 00101000
                        Fault Priority: 3
                        Fault Frequency: 1
                        Reset counter: 155
                        Mileage: 138461 km
                        Time Indication: 0
                        Date: 2013.02.12
                        Time: 19:30:26
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