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Discussion in 'Audi A5 / S5 / RS5' started by tcredelle, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. tcredelle New Member

    Just bought a new 2010 A5 2.0T Cabriolet and discover that voice recognition has been turned off. Any ideas on how to turn it back on? BTW, great car!
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  3. metinson New Member

    I'm in the same boat as you - took delivery end of August - no Voice recognition - a surprise to the dealer and me.

    If it can be turned on by programming let me know
  4. local3 New Member

    Yes, it is switched off on purpose - I believe in all Audi cabriolets.

    If your car has radio Concert/Symphony and telephony preparation, then it can be easily enabled - just do the phone voice control coding here:

    Interesting VAG-COM codes for Audi A5/A4 B8/Q5

    If your car has MMI 3G, then I don't think anyone yet knows if it can be enabled by simple coding or if the MMI headunit or something must be reflashed or swapped.

    The A5 section in motor-talk.de did discuss this a while back, no solution was available then but searching motor-talk.de might be worthwhile (with translate.google.com is necessary).
  5. tan New Member

    does anyone have a video of a5 cabrio in aurum beige to share?

    hi ordered the above and my car is arriving in nov. does anyone has a video to share on a5 in aurum beige? Tks a lot!
  6. local3 New Member

  7. tan New Member

    a5 aurum beige video

    hi local3
    tks! i ordered aurum beige cos i fell in love with the car in the pic! i just hope it looks as good in real as in the pics![-o<
  8. tcredelle New Member

    Bad news from dealer

    My dealer checked into the voice recognition issue for 2010 Cabrio and was told that there is no "voice module" in the Cabrio (even though I have bluetooth phone, navigation, etc) so it may not be possible to have voice recognition on Cabrio.
  9. local3 New Member

    Oh, that *probably* means nothing. There is no voice module in MMI 3G like there was a separate module in MMI 2G. The voice control is now integrated into the 5F main electronics box, much like RNS-E has a version with voice control instead of separate module. The big question is, does the Cabriolet 5F box have voice control just behind some coding tick, or does it need a reflash or some other modding or needs to be swapped to another revision of the box.
  10. local3 New Member

    tan: Yeah, Aurum Beige does look good in pics!
  11. mharris561 New Member

    does anyone have updated information on getting the voice recognition to work, the brits thread at a5oc has conflicting information on changing the codes with vag com. anyone in nj can get mine to work. I'll pay for your time

    my profile says r8 which is correct and voice recognition works well on that i also have a 2010 a5 cab and that's the car with the issue.
  12. mharris561 New Member

    i found the answers on a5 international forum

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    Here's a step by step guide to what I did to enable SDS on my S5 Cab.

    1. Click on the '5F-Information Electr.' button.


    2. Click on the 'Coding - 07' button.

    3. Click on the 'Long Coding Helper' button.

    You will see the following warning after clicking the Long Coding Helper button; you can safely ignore it.

    4. Change byte 16 from 01 to 00.

    5. You should see the following after changing byte 16. Click 'Exit'.

    6. Click the 'Do It!' button.

    7. Finally, close the controller, exit VCDS and try to operate the voice control by pressing the SDS button on the right of the steering wheel. It's the button directly to the left of the thumbwheel scroller. Say 'help' to get started.
    S5 Cabriolet [ordered 11 Feb 2010, built week 15 (w/c April 12th), collected 1st May]
    Sprint Blue, Black / Black, 19" 5 Arm Double-Spoke Alloy Wheels, Technology Pack, Parking System Advanced, Bang & Olufsen Sound System, Bluetooth Interface, Convenience Pack, Heated Front Seats, Advanced Key, Audi Drive Select, Quattro Sports Differential, Damping Control, Hill-Hold Assist, Tyre Pressure Monitor
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    but here's the final step that has been elusive:

    Originally Posted by mharris561@aol.com
    mark figured that your scrolling through the hidden menu languages did the trick. how did you access the hidden menu to perform the scroll? maybe you could edit your original excellent post with the images to add this step so that the fact of doing the scroll is not lost to future readings of your soon to a classic post
    Yes that's right.
    To enable the hidden menu follow the instructions here:


    After you've followed Fuzzb's excellent instructions earlier in this thread, you'll need to access the hidden menu and in the main menu click config and then click the "Language SDS" and possibly "Visible Language" / "Language Navi TTS" tabs. I clicked on a few items so not really sure which are absolutely necessary.
    No changes are possible, but without the above actions, SDS voice control will not be activated.

  13. mharris561 New Member

    all the loose ends wrapped up

    previous posters had it almost right. the advice to change byte 16 to 00 was correct, but then going into the nav menu and changing to spanish or french was hit or miss. what needs to be done is to access the hidden menu by making changes in the vag-com so that holding down the two buttons then brings up the "hidden Menu" where merely scrolling through the languages and then exiting out makes the sds button work. in the above post there is a link that tells you how to access the hidden menu.

    So try it and report back.
  14. mj_remote New Member

    A5 Cabrio Voice Control

    I have the new 2011 A5 Cab with MMI 3.0 but because it is a cab the voice control is turned off by the factory. My understanding is a VAG-COM cable (USB+CAN) version can flip this on. but there is some confusion about if it is 1 or 2 bits that need to be changed and the exact steps required. clearly some here have had this upgrade.
    Could anyone provide the steps?
    Best option for getting the cable?
    Perhaps know where in Atlanta, GA I could get it done? Dealer can't do it.
  15. mj_remote New Member

    that was quick

    This site is really helpful, will try the exact steps as soon as I can get a cable.
  16. mj_remote New Member

  17. rlarsen Member

    Unlocking the MMI 3G hidden menu | trick77.com

    And then to enable SDS:

    After the coding:

    1.) select another MMI language in "Car" menu e.g. English->German.
    2.) MMI restart (three finger restart)
    3.) select back MMI language in "Car" menu e.g. German->English.
  18. mj_remote New Member

    cable ordered from Ross Tech

    Should get the cable from Ross Tech in a couple days, if so will try to add the voice control and battery monitor options over the weekend.
  19. mj_remote New Member

    Here is what I did... and the results

    I modified these instructions from what I found in about 3 places on line. An just to be complete those guys rock for providing the information. It took them some time to figure this out and I certainly appreciate it. So to insure it stays as up to date as I can provide here's a step by step guide to what I did to enable Voice Control on my A5 Cab (and enable the battery monitor).

    I bought the latest cable from Ross-Tech ($350); cheap for voice control if you ask me.
    I downloaded the latest software and manual for free from the site. If you want them just email me and I will forward them.
    Then I followed the following steps:
    • Click on the '5F-Information Electr.' button.
    • Click on the 'Coding - 07' button.
    • Change byte 16 from 01 to 00. Really the change is only to the SDS Disable/Enable bit.
    Note: Copy the string save it in a couple locations (you don't want to screw it up), then edit it and Paste it back
    Initial Value (1=SDS Disabled) 01 02 00 03 00 06 A9 EF 71 00 0B 0E 00 00 00 01 01 00
    Final Value (0=SDS Enabled) 01 02 00 03 00 06 A9 EF 71 00 0B 0E 00 00 00 01 00 00
    • Click the 'Do It!' button.
    • Close the controller, exit VCDS
    • Pressing the Voice Control/ SDS button on the right of the steering wheel won't work, yet. As others have pointed out you have get to a hidden menu, (Actually the loading of the voice control commands have to be triggered).

    There are 2 ways to do that I have tried both:
    1) I tried changing languages and this does work and is probably safer. (You need to see a message about loading voice control commands). I did English => French =>restart (in french), changing the language option was greyed out for a minute so I restarted again by turning off the MMI completely, again in french with the option now => changed to English, => saw a message about loading voice commands. When I restarted now the voice command was there when I pushed the button on the steering wheel.

    2) If that does not work you can unlock the hidden menu. Here is how you do that
    • Select control module 5F in VAG-COM/VCDS
    • Select “Adaptation – 10″
    • Select channel 06 (have to use the 0 in front atleast on latest software)
    • Set the value to 1
    • Press test
    • Press save
    • Press “Done, Go Backâ€, close the controller and quit the software
    • There’s no need to restart the MMI, just press CAR + SETUP for 6 seconds to enter the hidden menu
    • What was not mentioned is that then you have to scroll down the car setup options down to the vin number before it popped up the hidden menu. There are screen shots on some sites for that but basically it is green text on a black background showing up in the MMI window.

    However, the problem is not solved, it only seems to work in help mode & then cancels. The system takes a long time to turn on & is not responsive. It appears that when it went to load the voice control commands they are not there to be loaded & only exist in the help menu. Anyone seen this? I assume this was an improvement in the 2011 model maybe?

    I then went on to enable the batter capacity status bar as follows
    • Press CAR + SETUP for 6 seconds to enter the hidden developer menu
    • Select “carâ€
    • Select “carextdevicelistâ€
    • Check the “Battery†checkbox
    • Press return key
    • Select “carmenuoperationâ€
    • Set the battery value to 5
    • Press return key
    • Press CAR key (exit hidden menu)
    • Restart the MMI: Press and hold down the function keys 1 (Setup), the control button 2 and the control key at the top right 3 simultaneously until the MMI system shuts down. Release keys -> MMI system reoots.
    • You’ll find a new “Battery†entry in your MMI CAR menu just before the vin number in my case.
  20. mj_remote New Member

    Key issue from above is, the problem is not solved, it only seems to work in help mode & then cancels. The system takes a long time to turn on & is not responsive. It appears that when it went to load the voice control commands they are not there to be loaded & only exist in the help menu. Anyone seen this? I assume this was an improvement in the 2011 model maybe? ideas?
  21. rlarsen Member

    What happens to Byte 15 ?? - you need this one too (see my post above)

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