'96 A8, Navigation plus retrofit

Discussion in 'D2 platform' started by djlex, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. djlex Member

    Hello dear friends,

    I wonder if i could retrofit The Navigation Plus, or any type of OEM Navigation, onto my '96 A8.
    Judging by the pictures, i should change the whole center console, including the buttons.
    Will the plugs from the climate control, and all buttons, fit the new shape buttons? Assuming that i would find a center console fully equiped.
    Plus, i have the ASR and Rear Curtain buttons, which i didn't see on the newer model console.

    Any sugestions? THX
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Take a look in the RNS-E Forum - some guys there have fitted sat nav into D2 A8's.
  3. Ranjs4 New Member

    Hi chap I have just put an rns e in to my prefacelift a8....ideally you need get hold of a double din pre facelift fascia....cos otherwise you will have issues when it comes to the climate control...the reason being that the climate control on the facelift double din fascia has the seat heating already integrated and I believe it functions off can bus, which the pre facelift instrument cluster doesnt actually support...

    I don't think the plugs behind the buttons transfer across directly...i think it will probably involve getting new plugs and rewiring ....not sure on this...check would be my advice....

    In short, due to the lack of canbus and difference between prefacelift and facelift it is going to be very difficult......my advice would be...take your time and keep an eye out for a prefacelift double din fascia....or get one fabricated....it will make life so much easier....


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