55,000 mile service

Discussion in 'Audi TT Coupe / Roadster' started by Quickstep192, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Quickstep192 New Member

    My car is coming up on it's 55,000 mile service. This will be the first that wasn't covered by the maintenance program that was purchased with the car. I checked with the dealer and found that it costs $500. The service includes:

    Change Oil and replace oil filter
    -Check Fluid Levels
    - Haldex Clutch - Change Oil (2004-2006)
    -Check transmission
    - Auto shift lock
    - Manual shift and clutch interlock
    -Reset Service reminder
    -Snow Screen for Air Cleaner – clean
    -Check levels in Battery, Cooling System, W/W System
    -Dust/Pollen filter when appropriate, Replace
    -Check Brake System, Drive Shaft Boots, Exterior Lights
    -Check On Board Diagnostics (OBD)
    -Check For Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) in Memory
    -Clean and Lubricate Hinges and Sliding roof
    -Check condition and pressure wheels, tires, spares
    -Transmission -check for leaks, check lubricant
    Clean plenum drains
    -Road Test

    This looks like mostly and oil change and I'm wondering if it's worth $500.

    Any opinions?
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  3. Ionut Viper New Member

    All revisions for my car i made ​​one. It is not hard and I like to do this job. The only thing that I was at a workshop was timing belt

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