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    I'm curious about your opinion about the new product 2011

    present the audio-video entertainment center
    (finished product will be available from next year)

    -----functions and operation-----
    AUDI 3G/3G+ HDD end VW new TOUAREG 850MMI HDD & Bentlay

    VNSmedia center is connected via an integrated controller FIBER OPTIC BRIDGE
    in MMI display we have a new DVD icon - 6pcs
    Each icon serves other functions - input
    1-SD card 1 max 32gb audio / video
    2-SD card 2 max 32gb audio / video
    3-USB front 1 max 32gb audio / video
    4-USB rear 2 max 32gb audio / video
    5-USB rear 3 max 32gb audio / video or IPOD A/V
    6- TV DVB-T 2-head 180km/h dibcom9090

    full control of the level of MMI
    rear camera input & drivers
    2 A/V output to rear LCD


    AUDI CONCERT 3 ( A4/A5/Q5 )

    >all hardware features available from an additional touch panel,
    ( USB 4 Busy to handle the touch panel )


    RNS-E VW 510 & other
    VNSmedia connected directly to the navigation
    > in navigation is seen as a TV
    > TV IN MOTION activ
    > rear camera is possible.

    What do you think about this product?

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