2012 USA RNS-E Maps

Discussion in 'Maps & Firmware' started by Haaggie, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. Haaggie Forum Supporter

    guys, I'm actually looking for the latest 2012 USA RNS-E Maps

    can someone help me out? Please, contact me at haaggie@gmail.com Of course you'll be compensated
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  3. bitnaut Member

    I'm looking for these as well. I've been constantly checking the Navteq website for the latest release but now they state they no longer sell the Audi discs and that we are to contact our dealer. Well, the dealer says that we're supposed to buy them from Navteq so there seems to be a disconnect somewhere. http://www.navigation.com/is-bin/IN...e=Navteq-AudiCatalog&CategoryName=AudiCatalog

    Is this because the new 2012+ A3 models will use a different nav system?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    But the 8J TT and the R8 will still be using the RNS-E for a while - and there is a large installed base of RNS-E users that Audi should provide support to.

    If Audi don't want to provide support then they should make them open source so that someone can.
  4. bitnaut Member

    I contacted Audi Canada yesterday to find out where I can get 2012 North America RNS-E map disc and they told me to go to Navteq. I told them to look at the Navteq website. The person helping me looked and confirmed that it says Navteq no longer carries the discs. He looked up on his computer and asked his manager what's up with that and no one knew the answer.

    So he says he will look into it further because it's very strange that everything he knows about the situation says to contact Navteq.
  5. bitnaut Member

    So it looks like Audi Canada is now aware that Audi dealers are supposed to order updated RNS-E map discs for customers and not go through Navteq as of June 30, 2012. However, the map discs are now $390!!!
  6. Vagnavs Member

    Ok, well about time. Been available in small quantities for some time. Actually heard a rumor 2012/2013 North America dvd's will be available soon. But I'll keep people posted and provide evidence. No we don't sell navigation dvd's individually.
  7. Vagnavs Member

    Anytime you buy from the dealer. There is typically a 100%+ markup through the dealer. I've heard as high as $425 for maps through the dealership.
  8. bitnaut Member

    What's the alternative? Hunting on fleabay? No one else appears to be selling these discs to individuals...
  9. Vagnavs Member

    Think 2012/2013 North American dvd's are in production. Will post part number when/if receive some.
    As for obtaining the older 2011/2012 dvd's. May want to try google. Were a couple sites that had navigation dvd's at one time.

    Note: We not sell dvd's individually. Thanks in advance.
  10. mike3141 Member

    Someone on vwvortex says the 2013 part number for U.S. is 8P0 060 884 BJ.
  11. Vagnavs Member

    Next week should be able to get the 2012/2013 North America dvd and will post to confirm it's the same part number. That along with a picture of the dvd. It's unfortunate that NAVTEQ is no longer selling them and few options available..

    Note: We not sell dvd's individually due to the limited availability of them.
    Thanks in advance.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    So if Navteq no longer sell them and they are in limited availability, how do AoA expect their loyal customers to get hold of the new map DVDs?

    Or do AoA not care about their loyal customers?
  12. Vagnavs Member

    Navteq says the following now.

    Audi Navigation Map Updates N/A

    Audi map update products are no longer available on this website. Please contact your Audi dealer for information about ordering the latest map update.

    Well that's up for debate. Appears they are saying buy at your dealership or nothing.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    It's a shame that AoA and Audi Canada haven't better communicated the change to their dealers then - judging by the run-around that bitnaut (and others) have had many dealers are unaware of the change.

    Have to say it's a change that doesn't surprise me, as it's always been the case in Europe that we have to buy the map DVDs from Audi dealers.
  13. Black&White New Member

    Just received my 2011/2012 nav disc from my audi dealer. Firmware changed from 0200 to 0210. They stated that the part number for the 2012/2013 discs were in the system as well but that they were not available yet.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Do you have a 2010+ RNS-E?

    The US firmware for the pre-2010 RNS-E was already at version 0260.
  14. chum New Member

    I have a back up copy of the 2012/2013 map. It updated my 2010+ rns-e to 021o, any one knows what the they changed?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    That's the thing with Audi, it's totally impossible to get any information what has changed between the different firmware versions - all they tell you about is the map changes.

    Poor show, Audi.
  15. CanuckRS4 New Member

    anyone have info on where to acquire the map data update other than dealership?

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Legally, you can either buy the map DVD from an Audi dealer, or from a seller on eBay (provided it's a genuine DVD and not a copy).

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