2010 Seat RNS-E retrofit for Audi A4 B6/B7

Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by AudiA4B6US, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. LED New Member

    help fitting a 2010 unit in a old B6

    hi to all you great people!

    thanks to this forum in the past I've swapped my original RNS-D with a RNS-E in my 2003 B6, now after a good time traveled together (at this time 441000 km and still running) it's time to renew the navi due to a cracked screen, so I bought a used 2010 model (193 C) coming from an A3: fitted in the dash and switched on it has performed a software update twice: this was strange to me but after that, and a properly coding, my new unit has began to travel with me! so what's the reason i'm writing that? here we are: a couple days ago (after about 20 days working) it starts to lock/reinitialise by itself/update software in a endless loop: pulled off the fuse for a while to reset the unit, now sometimes it work for 20 minutes first to start the loop, some other times it begins immediately. After taking out the dvd now it simply lock/reset/ask for dvd. The last investigation I've done was reading error codes (nothing) and reinstall the old one which is still working now!
    My question for you, RNS guru, is: is there the chance of a compatibility issue with BT or other car modules, or I'm so lucky to have burned my baby?

    thanks to anyone will help
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  3. Firestyler Member

    Do you have canbus cables fitted to your RNS-E? if not pull them from your dash.
  4. LED New Member

    it seems to be a overheating issue: the unit isn't working also if it's disconnected from the car and powered via another source. Do anyone knows where to find spare parts for?
  5. rabbit Member

    i have spare parts for this unit, what do you need ??
  6. dalepearson New Member

    Sorry for the noobieness of this first post. I have done a search and checked the knowledge base part I cant seem to find the 2010 RNS-E part number.
    Appologies for possibly missing the obvious but if you could post the part the number that would be appreciated.

    Also is this unit full post code search or only partial?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    The part number is model dependent, and there isn't a 2010+ RNS-E for the B6/B7 A4. For other models it's of the form nxn 035 193 x, where x is a letter and n is a number. So for the A3 a 2010+ RNS-E is an 8P0 035 193 x, for a TT Mk2 it's an 8J0 035 193 x, etc.

    For part numbers look here http://audiforum.us/forums/part-numbers.54/

    Like the vast majority of Audi sat nav systems the RNS-E (in all guises) only has partial post code search.
  7. dalepearson New Member

    Thanks PetrolDave I will take a look.
    The version I was looking for was the one you have mentioned in earlier threads that you would find in the Seat Exeo.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    That will have a Seat Exeo prefix of 3R0.
  8. dalepearson New Member

    Thanks for the heads up, based on that I think its - 3R0 035 193
  9. Black&White New Member

    Please forgive me if this has already been answered or if this is in the incorrect section.

    I just picked up a 2011 RNS-E from the A3 (USA version with firmware 0200) swapped over my B7 faceplate and installed. The problem I am running into is with my RVC.

    I coded the unit to Lamborghini, and the RVC does work when put in reverse, however, nothing else works. The screen is light grey and none of the buttons work. When I change it back to A4 8E, everything works except for the RVC.

    I have rebooted the radio in-between each coding change with no luck. I am running the OEM Q7 camera with a Kufatec IMA Basic Plus box.

    I know that I do not get the TV functionality since the new RNS-E does not have a video input for the US firmware.

    Would changing the IMA Basic Plus box out for a Kufatec Universal RVC box do the trick? Any suggestions? I wanted to get this issue sorted out before I moved onto the AMI issue and sourcing and installing the A3 Can Bus Module. The only other option that I can think of is sourcing the A3 Can Bus module and then retrofitting the R8 RVC module and harness so that it runs through the CAN system and I get the trajectory lines.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    You've answered your own question ... if there is no video input then how can the camera signal be displayed?

    It's not just TV functionality that's been removed, it's ALL AV functionality AFAIK.
  10. Black&White New Member

    I have to disagree with this. If I change the coding to Lambo mode, then the rear view camera works when the car is put in reverse, it is just that nothing else works. Also, the R8 uses the new RNS-E and it is has a RVC that is fully functional.
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    Lambo and R8 have a CAN gateway that makes the RVC work with proper coding. The A4 B7/B7 doesn't have that gateway and doesn't support RVC or any Video input. And if coded for Lambo/R8 it won't work properly in a B6/B7 anymore. US sw 0200 may allow RVC to work again but I don't have a lonk on hand that confirms that.
  11. Black&White New Member

    I can confirm that US sw 0200 does not work with RVC as this is the version that I am running. I think my best bet would be to get a CAN Gateway from the A3 and use this as a separate loop for the RVC, and AMI. Any thoughts or reasons why this may or may not work?
  12. S4love New Member

    Please pardon my ignorance, but what is a CAN gateway? I keep seeing it referred to here, but have yet to find an explanation of what it is. Is this something that can be added to an A3 RNS-E 2010 unit? I would love to have video and reverse camera and iPod integration. Thanks!!
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    The CAN gateway is an integral part of the CAN network of a car, not something that can be added afterwards - and certainly not part of the RNS-E.

    It's the switching centre where the different CAN buses meet (Powertrain, Comfort, Infotainment,...) and it switches the CAN messages onto only the CAN bus that needs them.
  13. iamshayan New Member

    Theres alot of off topic discussion in here, Not relating to the Seat Rns-e. (ipod interface questions, bluetooth questions)
    MY question is
    Can the Seat Rns-e 3r0 035 192 be converted to US to read US maps.
    I havent seen a post saying anyone has done this yet. although I did just lightly skim the thread. I may have missed it. my appologies if so.
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    The Seat RNS-E can be converted the same way as any Audi RNS-E. And yes, I have a SEAT RNS-E in my B6 A4 running US software and the US maps.
  14. PNW Avant Member

    Did you ever get this resolved? This thread on Audizine leads me to believe that RVC and full RNS-e functionality can work together on a 2010+ unit...


    Also, here is a list of parts he used...looks like he is also using the IMA Basic-Plus .

    OEM Parts
    Rear View Camera: 4L0-980-551 (list price: $283.90)
    Door Handle: 4L0-827-574-3FZ (list price: $143.60)
    Camera Retaining Clip: 4L0-980-553 (list price: $6.92)
    Tapping Screw: N-909-159-01 (list price: $0.33)

    Kufatec Parts
    35538 - IMA Integrated Multimedia Adapter control version "Basic-Plus"
    35542 - Wiring harness for IMA Audi RNS E "Basic / Basic-Plus"
    35676 - Wiring IMA auto switch Rear View Cam Audi RNS-E
    36136 - Connection kit original rear view camera VAG to IMA
  15. Black&White New Member

    No, I was never able to get this to work. When I coded my RNS-E for Lambo mode and changed Adaptation Channel 04 from 0 to 1 my screen switches over the the RVC but it never switches back and nothing else works. The only difference in setup that I have is that I am using an A3 RNS-E in my B7 and my RNS-E firmware is 0200. I was able to get the AMI working in my B7, though. =)

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