2010 Audi RNS-E retrofit (A3 8P, TT 8J, R8)

Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by AudiA4B6US, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. purix New Member

    Thank you!
    So, if I make changes on codes using micro-CAN lead, correcting to aux-in instead of AMI, it would work, am I correct?

    Where do I change this setting from VCDs? (I am guessing I should change this setting on RNS-E unit..but I don't know how..)

    Everything else works perfect, do I have to do any other stuff with the coding? like anything I should do after installing a new RNS-E..

    One last question..
    I am looking to get a reverse camera and video player using RNS-E. I heard the new version of RNS-E doesn't have multimedia adapter to get the video from the screen. Is this correct?


    I contacted the seller above, he said that unit will work with the new version of RNS-E. Is he correct?

    Thank you again...
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    From your description of the messages, that should correct it.

    Using VCDS connect to the RNS-E and change the coding - there's an excellent online (and downloadable) manual for VCDS.

    Check the coding of the CAN gateway and (if you have an MFSW) the SCSM.

    IIRC the US SW for the 2010+ RNS-E doesn't support AV inputs.
  3. purix New Member

    Thank you very much!
    This may sound silly, but do I connect VCDs on the car (where bonnet is) to change to coding of RNS-E or do I actually connect to RNS-E?

    and.. what's MFSW and SCSM?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    You always connect VCDS to the car diagnostic socket.

    MFSW = Multi Function Steering Wheel

    SCSM = Steering Column Switch Module
  4. purix New Member

    Super thanks!!! I will take a look into it!
  5. X-SoLjA New Member

    Hi, stumbled accross this post while doing some searching and was wondering if this was ever confirmed? I'm in Canada and recently picked up a new 2012 TT, and it has the 2010+ RNS-E. I was just wondering if maybe there was a solution or a way to get this working?

    Thanks guys,

  6. mike3141 Member

    No video for the North American 2010+ RNS-E.
  7. evolution2147 New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I received my euro 193B rnse unit yesterday. I followed the conversion instructions and everything seemed to work good however my software version is stuck at --X. Everything works including the USA maps. When i used vagcom to force the downgrade nothing happens... I cant seem to get this unit to to the final upgrade/downgrade.
    Any ideas?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    The procedure for converting the 2010+ units from Euro to US spec is different from the pre-2010 units - are you following the correct procedure?
  8. evolution2147 New Member

    Do you know what software versions are available on the new units? Is 0200 the only one available since they came out? I am confused because the older units run 0260.
  9. mike3141 Member

    The version numbering for the two have no relation.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    On the 2010+ units the software versions numbers, at the moment, are the same on both EU and US units - but the software is still different.

    When I first got my EU 2010+ unit it was running 0070, then came 0150 and I currently have 0200 - although there are reports of new factory fitted units coming with 0210.

    As mike3414 has said the SW version numbers for the pre-2010 and 2010+ units are unrelated (the latest, and probably final, EU software for the pre-2010 units is 0650!).
  10. NHN Member

    I saw an 0210 on a mk2 few weeks ago, which I suspect was some form of hack, as I dont know of this at all, anyone come across this as yet?
  11. JohnS3 Member

    The 2013 Euro DVD contains SW 220
  12. NHN Member

    Really, interesting as I will have 2013 shortly John, you seen any differences yet?
  13. JohnS3 Member

    I have yet to put the DVD in the car!
  14. NHN Member

    lol I'll let you know then lol.
  15. NHN Member

    Well stuck dvd in, immediately it started to update my mk2, so now shows EU 220 firmware, cant see anything different atm, but does seem rather nippy around menu's, maybe its a placebo, we'll see.

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