2010 Audi RNS-E retrofit (A3 8P, TT 8J, R8)

Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by AudiA4B6US, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Yahmas New Member

    Great, appreciate the help! Thanks! :)
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  3. s4_driver New Member

    I know there must be a possibility as i know somebody wo has coded a 2010 rns-e to a6 in an a6. As much as i know he had a test unit from audi with a different software. What wont work in the b5. Only the Radio titles in the fis and that it will turn on with ignition and off? - as much as i found out all other things work...
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    I think you answered your own question there - good luck getting special software from Audi...

    Several people on here have tested and confirmed that the 2010+ RNS-E with standard software cannot be coded for an A6.

    The other things that won't work are:
    1) when coded for anything other than A6 the RNS-E looks for the speed signal on the CAN bus, and AFAIK that won't be present on the B5. That means that the position updating on the RNS-E screen will be infrequent and irregular.
    2) you won't get navigation instructions on the DIS either.

    Not turning on and off with ignition is a major issue as this will flatten the car battery - even if you "turn off" the RNS-E this will happen as the RNS-E does not turn off when you press and hold the on/off button it just goes into a blank screen mode with the electronics still in fully active mode.
  4. s4_driver New Member

    thanks. - I tested it and the rns-e turns off after several time. As it is a show car it gets driven not to often.

    I have the Navigation Info in the FIS but what really annoys me is that it doesnt save the pin and i always have to pull out a can wire or the blue connector from the speedometer that the rns-e accepts the pin.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    IIRC fixing that was one of the main reasons that bjarne developed the CANgate.
  5. s4_driver New Member

    I spoke with bjarne and he said i should code it to a4 and with the help of cangate it should work.

    The biggest problem is the pin issue. Can you tell me why it doesnt save the pin and why i have to disconnect the can wire from the speedo?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    You've gone way off topic on this thread, if you've spoken to bjarne he is the best person to tell you all about the "forgetting the PIN" issue.
  6. bjarne Member

    Since my name came up here, I would like to clarify a couple of things:

    1. I have never had the opportunity to work with the 2010+ RNS-E, so most of what I 'know' is second hand.

    2. CANGate will create the GALA 'signal' in the speed message if it missing in the B5/C5 cars, so navigation will work normally in A4 (or Lambo) mode.

    3. I have been told that the 2010+ needs the VIN sent on the CAN bus, and that is why I implemented that function in CANGate. I have shipped a number of unit to people who wanted to solve that problem, and I can only interpret the deafening silence to mean it worked for them. Of course, I don't really know :(

    4. I have never heard of a problem with on/off with ignition when using the 2010+ RNS-E coded for A4 in a B5, but as I said I have no direct experience.
  7. s4_driver New Member

    So can anybody tell why the rns-e 2010 doesnt save the pin?

    Can this be fixed with the cangate?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    See point 3 in bjarne's reply above ... this is a problem that affects both pre-2010 and 201+ RNS-E when installed in a B5.

    The RNS-E (both versions) remember both the VIN and the PIN. If it receives a matching VIN via the CAN bus it won't ask for the PIN, but if it doesn't get the VIN via the CAN bus (or gets a mismatching VIN) it requests the PIN. So it looks like CANgate will solve this problem for you (again see point 3 in bjarne's reply).
  8. s4_driver New Member

    can you tell me where i find the vin in the rns-e engineering mode? (also is the engineering mode in the 2010 rns-e similiar to reach as in the old ones)?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    I've just checked the Engineering Mode screen dumps I've got and I can't see the VIN on any of them.

    Yes, the method to get into engineering mode is identical on the 2010+ RNS-E.
  9. bjarne Member

    I've been told that it can be found in General->Coding in the EU software, and I did convert my RNS-E to EU once to verify it.
    Maybe it is not there in the 2010+ software.
  10. s4_driver New Member

    i tried to get in the engineering mode but it doestn work.

    it is press nav left button over knob for 5sec and then the right button or?

    or should i hold all buttons?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

  11. s4_driver New Member

    I read the thread but it doesnt work. I tried it 20 times.

    Is there a possibility to get the vin with VCDS. Except pin saving everything works in my b5. (even radio titles in fis, navigation info, etc)
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    It DOES work, I've got a 2010+ RNS-E fitted in my RS4 and that's how I get into Engineering Mode.

    TBH I can't remember, but it's worth a try.
  12. s4_driver New Member

    ok i get the engineering mode but under vin there is nothing entered in.
  13. purix New Member

    Hi, I have recently replaced my concert III to new version of RNS-E (ends with 193).
    My car is 2012 A3 from Canada.

    I have aux-in placed in arm rest, and I have connected all the wires correctly however, I can't get a good sound from aux.
    It makes sound, but in very low volumes.. and in the screen, it says AMI initializing..

    I haven't done the vag-com change, do I need one?

    I am planning to buy one from ross tech, should I buy VCDS license with HEX-USB+CAN interface?

    Is it hard to connect the cables into the car? I can't seem to find how to connect the cable to A3.

    Any help would be great. Thank you!
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    AMI and Aux In use the same audio input, so you can't have AMI and Aux In, it's either or.
    Since your RNS-E is obviously still coded for AMI, you'll need to correct that first.

    HEX-USB+CAN is the most universal lead, but if all you need is a lead for CAN diagnostics (which is what the 8P uses) then you could go for the Micro-CAN lead.

    IIRC the diagnostics socket on the 8P is above the bonnet (hood) release lever.

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