2004 Audi S4, major engine break down with 55,000 miles!

Discussion in 'B6 platform' started by DOLPHINS1WIN, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. DOLPHINS1WIN New Member

    I bought my 2004 Audi S4, 4.2, 353 hp, non turbo engine from my brother in law about a year and half ago. The car had 45,000 miles on it when my wife and I bought it. About 3 weeks ago (the car now has 55,000 miles) my wife went 1/2 mile down the road and the engine started sputtering. Luckily she was able to limp it home. When I got home from work I looked over the engine and saw no visible problems. I started the engine and immediately could tell the timing was way off, it wouldn't even idle. So I had it towed to an Audi maintenance shop. Top notch mechanics that actually are from Germany. To make a long story short the engine and transmission had to be removed from the car so they could fix it. What they found was the Crank Shaft Rail (which is made of plastic) broke in two separate places. The mechanic told me if there would have been one more brake the engine would be pretty much shot. Anyway the total repair cost is going to be around 5,000 dollars. I contacted Audi U.S.A. to make them aware of the problem and the fact this engine is 5,000 miles out of warranty and it has catastrophic engine damage. Not something that should happen at this point of the engines life span. The reps I talked to on the phone didn't want to hear or help one bit. I explained to them at the very least they need to advise their Quality Assurance department of the problem. My words went in one ear and out the other. As far as they were concerned it broke 5,000 miles outside of the warranty, end of story. For those of you who own a 2004 S4 be aware of this issue and please respond to this if you've had a similar problem. I really like the Audi's we have purchased throughout the years, but I have to say this is a tough one to swallow. Good luck to the rest of you who currently own a 2004, S4.
    Turns out this was a much bigger problem than originally diagnosed. The engine broke a valve and it did so much damage to the engine it is not practacal to repair the engine. So Audi suggest we shell out 25,000 dollars for an Authorized Audi factory engine. 17,000 for the engine (block) and 8,000 for the install (labor). What a complete joke! 5,000 miles over the warranty and they hear nothing. 55,000 miles total on the car and it's useless! I have to tell you, we have now owned 2 Audi's. The 1st was an A6, we changed the timing belt at the specified time, only to have the belt tensioner bearing cease up and break the timing belt and destroyed three valves. That was a 4,500 dollar fix. And now this. I love Audi's, but their customer support is nonexistent. Now, I think I know what a lot of you guys and gals are thinking, this guy’s crying in his beer. I've been a mechanic for 27+ years; Audi promotes their products, especially the engine as the best in the world. And I do know the difference between performance and family cars, but at 55,000, give me a brake (come to think of it, Audi did-a valve). These engine are not supposed to brake so bad at 55,000 miles. We all pay a lot of money for these cars, it just shouldn't happen. And to get completely snubbed by Audi takes the cake. Like I said, I really liked my car, but this latest experience pushed me over the edge. I am done with Audi. Tomorrow is Saturday and I'm going shopping. I'm going to get a thing of beauty, and it won't be an Audi.
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  3. tox New Member

    Sorry to hear about your problems. Weird stuff, too, as I have never heard of any Crankshaft Rails broken at ~50k miles on the B6!
    Not sure what to say about Audi U.S.A Customer Support though. I understand that the car was out of warranty but with such damage at only 50k they could of been more helpful than trying to get you to buy a whole new engine.

    I'd first research if there have been any recalls on that specific part, or any TSB's.
  4. DOLPHINS1WIN New Member

    Thanks dude! I haven't seen any recalls. I doesn't matter anymore. I just want you guys and gals to know the truth.
  5. DOLPHINS1WIN New Member

    I did get through to the East Coast Customer relations rep. He proposed a 1,500 credit and Tom Wood Audi would match that amount on a new Audi. What a joke! Thanks East Coast Rep. Tom Wood Audi in Indianapolis are known for being way over priced. They can be, they are the only Audi dealership in Indy. So we just had to laugh and move on. We actually priced Volvo's at Tom Wood and then bought one in Allentown, PA for $2,000 cheaper. Beautiful drive on the way home, it was worth it.
  6. tox New Member

    Good to hear! Good luck with your new Volvo. What is it?
    I also plan on getting one some time.
  7. DOLPHINS1WIN New Member

    C30, couldn't be happier. Bought it for my wife and she loves it. Very tight car. Hugs the road and has plenty of hp. Now I'm thinking of a c70, that will take alot of talking my wife into! Thanks for your reply.
  8. tox New Member

    Hehe, good luck with that! Lookig forward to hearing about your new C70!
  9. movement360 New Member

    Damn man, that's a bummer about the audi. Did you jsut get rid of it? Part out?
  10. Darryl Snover New Member

    It's unfortunate about the Audi V8 timing chain system. I'm dealing with a similar issue on my 2005 A6 4.2, but caught it in time that there was no internal damage.

    The issue: The timing chain guide for the primary chain fractures, setting the valve timing off. If ignored, it can break, and allow the timing chain(s) to skip a tooth, which will result in bent valves, etc.

    I believe a symptom is the infamous startup 'rattle', if it lasts for longer than a second. Mine was doing the rattle for about a year, no symptoms. Then one day the guide fractured completely, and it began to miss on cylinders 5,6,7 and 8, at idle. Part throttle and more it still ran nice.

    Engine is out, waiting on time to tear the timing system apart and evaluate what needs fixing.

    I expect that there will be more of these stories as the 4.2 starts getting more mileage. If someone gets 'good' at these repairs, there will be plenty of market for it.

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