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  1. PetrolDave
    PetrolDave AudiA4B6US
    Hi Dirk,
    FYI I've sold my RS4 and bought a Skoda Octavia so I doubt I'll be visiting here much now.
    1. Igi
      Sold RS4 for Octavia??? What is your feelings?
      Dec 21, 2016
  2. a4udi
    a4udi AudiA4B6US
    Hello, my US version has a RNS-E.
    lost pin code.
    I tried to turn it to the European version. I used to do sw0080. but now "sw X" seems to be.
    When installing any firmware cd of Europe, it does not update.
    I want to turn the pin code of the RNS-E. First, I tried to get the European version but I failed him.
    Please help me.
  3. xxxxy
    xxxxy NikolasZ
    Now I retrofit RSE w/o tv , how to code with 7F ? Now It has no sound thanks for you help my car is A8 D4
  4. lionel clerc
    lionel clerc kris.2010
    i install everything for surrounding camera
    i see the 4 camera
    but i need to code the digital module in adress 6c
    with vcds i cannot see the module in adress 6c
    of course with the analog module i can see it in adress 6c
    do you have an idea ?
    thx a lot for your help
    best regards
  5. Spud312R
    Spud312R neo_andersson
    Neo - do you have a electical diagram fro wiring q7 seat memory module as discussed in may 2013
    You were going to send me (spud312r) the diagram...
  6. nlrela
    nlrela kris.2010
    Hi Kris.2010
    Can you deliver UMTS modules for the MMI 3G+?
    Currents one I have does have part number 9449GZ0C5115435....
    Thanks for your feedback.
    best regards
  7. Kc Taylor
    Kc Taylor henkerdehenk
    where did you but the pin remover from ??
  8. Christian
    Christian neo_andersson
    my email is
    Many thanks
  9. Christian
    Christian neo_andersson
    Hello Neo. you may be help me for my 2008 Sline Q7
    I am going to fit a front camera (my Q7 has a rear one )
    4 questions
    Which camera you buy? You know Aliexpress?
    Quickly tell me how to plug the camera on the input of the MMI2G. How to get to the plug of the MMI.
    Where do you connect the camera for 12v +.
    Where did pass the camera video cable from engine local to inside.
    Friendly Christian (Q7 France St tropez)
  10. danikas
    reverse engineering is the name of the game...
  11. danikas
    retrofitting most extras on my wife's A3 2010 CABRIO :)
  12. xlr8it
    xlr8it neo_andersson
    Hi Neo, I am in the middle of doing a memory seat retrofit into my 07 Q7, I have the complete memory seats and door panels with the switches, do you know what extra wiring needs to be done? (my car had electric seat from factory but no memory)
    My email address is
    Thanks in advance
  13. socalautowerks
    socalautowerks rabbit
    Hi Rabbit do you have any RNS-E screens? (LTA065B091D, 07 Audi A3)
    my email is thank you!
  14. sieras5
    sieras5 kris.2010
  15. sieras5
    sieras5 kris.2010
    i saw you at audiforums, that you are active member there, i can't post there, due to some their stupid restrictions with number of posts! So tell me, are you in contact with Kris, does that guy solved A1 A3 RMC activation?
    I made activations for MMI 3G BASIC 2014, and MMI 3G HDD 2014 by myself, and now working on 3GP 2014 activation, else i'm active at GPSU, and i offer other solutions

  16. sieras5
    sieras5 kris.2010
    hi kris i am sergei from lithuania, and never post on this forum,i hope you hear about me,just i know one person who send this message to all this forum member:
    be carefully with this person,HIS ARE BIG LIER AND RESELLER.his are from bosnia,nic NOSFERATOFORTUNO on gpsuderground forum,and component protection on you forum.
    my email SIERAS5@INBOX.LT
  17. Dmitry
    Dmitry lauritor
    Hello lauritor if You need a block MMI, I have a block MMI Navi unit 4g0035670G google earth unit can sell. Why I sell it because I wanted to put on my car, AUDI A6 4F 2005, but a lot of alterations and expensive. Block 2012. If you need write on e-mail: 'm in Russia in Moscow
  18. Dmitry
    Dmitry ForestML
    Hello. Could You introduce 3G MMI Plus 4G in the car with MMI 3G. If Yes, write all the details
  19. audi80
    i did not fix the pressure sensor, i have still have the error message but that does not matter
  20. audi80
    you need the pressure sensor, but you do not need this pressure sensor, I never install the pressure sensor but ACC works fine